It’s always interesting to me to see new projects come in and become wildly successful quickly.  The OREMOB has certainly experienced the kind of early exposure most projects only dream of. They seemly came out of nowhere and blew away people like myself who thought it could be a quick flash in the pan.  That’s not what the OREMOB has done.  Instead, they sold out and have done nothing but build a community that believes fervently in the project.

OREMOB is a collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs.  Their founder is a Berlin artist, ORE ORE ORE, whose art has been described as “Anime meets fashion” using inspiration from the 1990s and 2000s.  In the project’s latest release OREMOB, ORE ORE ORE confirms that description.

The New Project That’s Been Over A Year In The Making

Many projects, in my opinion, rush to market.  That’s not what ORE has done. He has taken a slower and more systematic approach to building a strong community to sustain a 10k project before minting a 10k collection.  Before the OREMOB there were 4 “OG” drops, the first of which was minted in October of 2021. The “OG 30” was the first, before being followed by other 1:1 collections of 11, 100 & 111.

This enterprise was obviously well-planned.  ORE ORE ORE built trust with their OGs, and as more people came in, those OGs showed them the project’s value proposition.


The latest release is the big 10k project called OREMOB. The artwork is beautiful, in my opinion.  There are hundreds of traits, more than any 10k project I’ve seen.  Despite a large number of traits, most of the NFTs are related visually.  That makes each individual piece unique, but keeps the look uniformity of the PFP.

There are 13 different factions in the pieces. Each faction will play a role in the still-developing lore.

The OREMOB NFT is designed to be more than just an avatar. The PFP is built to become a digital identity.  To some people, that may sound like a small thing, but I don’t believe that at all. I think digital identities are a great way to show your personality without giving up identifying information.

The artists, ORE ORE ORE used paper and ink to create the collection, and hand-chose each piece, manually combining traits to create unique avatars.

The sheer magnitude of the work that ORE ORE ORe had to put into this effort is astonishing.  This work ethic reminds me of Wren Ellis who created the Mekanism collection building each one individually.  The fact that ORE ORE ORE takes this much pride in his work tells me he is in this for the long term.

What’s Next For The OREMOB?

They have proven they can sell out a 10k collection and keep the public interested enough in the project to keep the volume high. The tokens have hand-made artwork that is popular within the community.  ORE ORE ORE has chosen a growing genre of entertainment to base this project on, and he’s 100% put in the work.

The OREMOB is dedicated and growing quickly. The token shot out of the gate and hasn’t looked back since.  Right now, they appear to be putting the lore together, and the discord is all about hearing more about it.

The MOB also has several partnerships coming up, including digital and physical.  These include”Flowers for Society” and also with Sabukaru Magazine for a Tokyo art exhibition and clothing collaboration in Feb. 2023.

The next steps will probably determine where this project is going long-term.  The lore is being completed and the next steps will be revealed in time. This is not a fly-by-night project that wants to get in and get out.  Remember, the latest mint was planned for over a year before it was dropped.

I’ll never predict where a project is going. There are too many variables, many out of any team or artist’s control. I will say this.  ORE ORE ORE has certainly put in the work and has the work ethic to continue innovating.  They’ve exceeded all expectations on every front so far. You really can’t ask for more than that.

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