CNFT Magazine is a publication dedicated to covering the Cardano Non-Fungible token digital artwork industry.  Our goal is to highlight the best (and occasionally call out the worst) projects on the Cardano Block-Chain.

We think we’re taking a different approach to covering the CNFT movement.  We’re not trying to compete with some great crypto influencers that cover up-to-date news about new mints, and what projects are hot today.

CNFT Magazine aims to take a more laid-back, macro view of the projects and people that make the CNFT universe so great.  We’ll post about new projects we feel are important to the ecosystem, but mainly we want to deep dive into the best (and sometimes worst) projects.

We will not review projects for compensation.  We strive to be a good faith organ of truth and honest opinion. We will offer spaces for advertising within the website and magazine, but they will be clearly noted as paid content, and never as an actual article on our website or magazine.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an educational and entertaining publication that you’ll read when each new edition comes is published.

Our immediate goal is to publish digital copies of the first few editions.   We may eventually publish a print version of the magazine, but it all depends on the demand for printed magazines.

We want to be that link you send to people to show them how great the Cardano NFT community is.

Notorious CDG
Clinton Brown, CNFT Magazine Publisher

Clinton Brown is the Publisher of CNFT Magazine. Brown built his first website in 1994 at a junior college in North East Georgia and has been developing projects ever since.  He streamed high school baseball games in 2008, and in 2012 streamed stock-car races from a local dirt track. He’s been heavily involved in the music web including operating various music-related websites that have garnered over 1 million unique viewers.  In 2015, while operating a music website, he self-published several digital and one physical copy magazine.

After leaving his latest publication in 2016, he dedicated more time to his wife and 3 young children.

This is Brown’s first venture into crypto media.