Cardano needs hackers.  Hackers try to break the system to show its vulnerabilities.  Good hackers (white hats) do it to help test vulnerabilities and bad hackers (black hats) hack to cause trouble.  ADA Hackers aims to be a collaborative project that will work with to incentivize the test net.  If you have an ADA Hackers NFT, you can stake and boost vADA and pADA and receive main net Proof Of Participation tokens in their production wallet.

ADA Hackers will be minting 7,777 tokens on February 15, 2023, at 2:00 pm UTC.  The mint price is 77 ADA  There will be 8 characters and traits

I took a look into ADA Hackers and I split the review into 6  sections.  They are Originality, Artwork, The Team, The Lore/Backstory, Social Influence, Utility, and The License. We’ll start with  Originality.


I found a couple of projects that used the term Hackers in their name, but none of these projects seemed to have the same mission ADA Hackers does. There is a project called Cardano Hacker Girls, but this appears to be a small project that is unrelated

Based on what I’ve seen, this is an original project, there doesn’t appear to be anything like ADA Hackers

ADA Hackers Artwork

ADA Hackers Artwork
ADA Hackers Artwork

The artwork is A.I. Generated PFP style images that appear to have a lot of diversity. Some of the sneak peeks the team put out are actually so different that I think there might be trouble identifying an ADA Hacker in a profile unless you are a  holder yourself.  That’s not necessarily the worst thing, diversity within a collection is unique.

One thing that I thought of is that this could be on purpose.  Hackers like to stay below the radar and are many times the lone-wolf types.  The decision to use so many styles of artwork in the release actually plays into that kind of personality.

The ADA Hackers Team

In this project, the team is actually a company named Santo Electronics.  According to Founder Chris Nunez’s linked-in profile, the company is based in Florida, however, a record search did not show any businesses with that nameI also searched records for Nevada, Utah, Montana, Michigan, and Minnesota and found no results there either.

That being said, I did see that Nunez’s reputation on the online forums I’ve seen is impeccable.  I’ve seen glowing reviews from previous co-workers, associates, and others and Nunez has been a long-time supporter of the Cardano Ecosystem.

Santo also operates a Cardano Stake Pool called SantoNode.

Alexander Schwartz, aka Pyro is the brand advisor for ADA Hackers. Pyro has been in eCommerce and project management for over a decade.   He’s a supporter of defi, because as he says, “cryptocurrency is more than just money, it is a goal for long-term peace as the fairness of trade.”

The Project Backstory

This isn’t a story-driven NFT Project. This is a project with real-world utility, and I don’t think any kind of “lore” is needed.  This is the kind of project that’s about getting work done, and a backstory would be superfluous.

Social Influence

The project has nearly 5k  Twitter Followers, but to be honest I’d expect more interaction on an account with 5k followers than they generally receive.

They have a discord as well, however, there are a little more than 500 members, and the interaction is very low, with some days showing single-digit interactions.

ADA Hackers Is All About Utility

In the end, the utility of ADA Hackers is what will draw the crowd they need to be successful. One of the ideas in the project I like best is the ability for someone to help find vulnerabilities within the Cardano code and be rewarded.  This utility not only benefits the holders but the Cardano ecosystem as a whole. When an ADA Hacker finds code that could be exploited by a malfeasant, we all win.

The License

I think this might just be the first Cardano project I’ve seen with a License tab on their website.  This is something I think is great for the space, and should become an absolute necessity over time.

That being said, since it’s there, I would like to point some things out that are in the ADA Hackers’ License. I’m posting some of the language found in the license that you can read in full here.

What does this mean?

In my interpretation, it means you have no ability to use it for any commercial reasons. You can use the artwork as a PFP, but you cannot use it for any commercial purposes.  Santos Electronics remains the sole owner of the intellectual property.

This is not financial or legal advice. This is my laymen’s interpretation of the language found in the document. You should consult legal advice and not rely on anything you read here.

I think it’s actually bullish that the ADA Hackers team decided to lay this out. How many of us think, because we bought an NFT that we have commercial and IP rights to those tokens?  As we see more projects include this kind of language in their contracts, you may see more projects using these types of limitations.


ADA Hackers
ADA Hackers

I really like the idea behind this project, and I hope it’s successful. Santos Electronics is known in the community as an active and positive participant in Cardano’s development.  They have created an original idea that, as I said before, will benefit not only holders but everyone in the Cardano Community.  I applaud this idea and I think if executed properly could be a really good way for coders can receive rewards for finding code that could harm the ecosystem.

This is a project that will mostly attract coders.  Although the PFPs are nice, the real value of the project is the rewards utility and the benefit for Cardano. I honestly don’t see this project leading the Cardano NFT world in volume or even floor price, but that’s okay.  There’s more to this project than your normal PFP and a “metaverse” play, and I hope more collections like ADA Hackers succeed.

ADA Hackers:  Website | Twitter

  • Clinton Brown and CNFT Magazine were not compensated in any way by ADA Hackers for this article

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