“A Civil War Between the Three Great Clans is the Least of Our Worries”

The ADA NinjaZ announced season Four of their collection recently. The newest season will not be like the past three mints.  This time, the team is giving holders an option to burn 4 NFTs (one from each clan, and another of their choice) to get a newly minted NFT.

2,222 NinjaZ will be minted for Season Four. Because of the burning of 4 NinjaZ each, the project will burn 8,888 NFTs  This will leave less total NinjaZ from each clan. 

ADA NinjaZ Season 4 Burn Event
ADA NinjaZ Season 4 Burn Event


Season Four is a deflationary event, reducing the total of NinjaZ by 6,666. Burning NFTs aren’t the most uncommon thing I’ve seen NFT projects do. However, this is a project that has sold out in all three previous seasons. They’ve sold a total of 27,216 ADA Ninjaz already, and most of the over 6k holders would be more than willing to buy another.  Instead, the team created a different kind of reward. A reward that is born in sacrifice.

With 2,222 NFTs, Season Four Will Be The Rarest Set To Date

Even with the reduction of NinjaZ, the previous three seasons will still have many more NFTs per collection than Season Four. We won’t know the distribution of the remaining tokens until the burn is complete.  However, no matter which collection the holders for the fourth burn, there will still be fewer Season Four NFTs. I think that there’s a better-than-average prospect of these being the most coveted of all the collections.

An NFT With Any Other Name

Each Ninja in Season 4 will have a unique character name. As an NFT with a name myself, I cannot overestimate the additional branding use cases there are for named characters. According to the team, all the characters will have unique first names, and there will be 500-second names associated with the collection as well.  I can’t wait to see how the names work in the future development of the project.

Massive Staking Rewards For Holders

If you are one of the holders that gets a Season Four NFT, you’ll be showered with staking rewards that should exceed the benefits you’d have received with the 4 NFTs you burned. Holders of all collections will get airdrops and staking rewards.  The rewards for Season Four are another reason these could be very popular tokens to hold if you want to collect $NinjaZ.

Season Four NFTs will accumulate 40,000 $NinjaZ the collection’s token over the next 9 months, and 50 tokens per day over a three-year period. Here’s a chart showing how the staking works.

ADA NinjaZ Staking

The ADA NinjaZ newest mint isn’t another excuse to mint for more money to build with. Instead, the team is using this mint as an opportunity to reward holders of multiple NFTs in the ecosystem.  This is 100% a mint for holders, specifically for holders with multiple NinjaZ. This is a common theme among the developers of the project, and a reason so many people love the ADA NinjaZ.

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