• Project: BlazedBulls
  • Mint Date: February 27,2003-March 1, 2023
  • Mint Price:  40 (OG), 45 (WL) / 50 ADA
  • Assets Minting: 4,444

BlazedBulls  Website | Twitter

Blazed Bulls Logo
BlazedBulls Logo


When the creators of BlazedBulls got into web3, they noticed that there was not a log of crossover.  There are still few brands that have made the leap from web 3 to web 2, or the other way for that matter.

According to their website, BlazedBulls aims to bring the 2 webs together with a lifestyle brand.

I’ll take a good look at this project and give it a proper rundown, and I’ll categorize it for easier digestion.  Those Categories are Originality, Artwork, The Team, Social Influence, and Utility.

First, let’s talk about the BlazedBulls’ originality


There have been quite a few Bull-themed NFTs in Cardano alone.  There’s the Secret Bulls Society, ADA Bulls Club, ADA Bull Army, and a few smaller collections. The art is definitely distinguishable from the other  ADA Bulls project, so there shouldn’t be any real confusion.

They are building a lifestyle brand around BlazedBulls, so, I’ll give them points for this, and I’ll discuss this further below

BlazedBulls’ Artwork.


It may not be an Art first project at first glance, but I think it kind of is. They’ll be basing their entire web 2 brand around the artwork, so it’s more important that most utility PFPs.

According to BlazedBulls, the PFPs will have 102 traits associated with the bulls.

The PFP is obviously a bull, and as I discussed before, it does set itself apart from the other bull-themed projects.  The look of these bulls is more fun. They’re like bulls who like to party.

The Team

The BlazedBulls’ founder is doxxed.  He’s Brent Strition, AKA Brentini. Brentini is also a Youtuber and engineer.  He mainly discusses crypto and though he’s been creating content on the channel for almost a year, he’s had his channel since 2015.

According to the website, the rest of the BlazedBulls’ team is Mayhem (a partner and youtube who covers Cardano and other chains), Frazer (advisor), and Dorris (advisor).  As of mid-February, there’s not a lot about these other guys in any documentation I’ve seen

Social Influence

As of this draft, the BlazedBulls have a little over a thousand followers.  The interaction is actually better than I’d guess for a 1k follower account.

The Bulls’ discord has 1,300+ members  The general chat is fairly busy and though they do have a few users that post the most, there does appear to be a good bit of people checking in from time to time.

These interactions seem genuine and organic to me.

BlazedBulls’ Utility

The Bulls are trying to bridge the divide between web 2 and web 3.  As their website says:

That is why we have decided to use our experience in growing businesses and integrate NFTs and Crypto into the “real world”. We aim to do this by integrating our designs and concepts into a traditional brand which can generate revenue streams, which then can be returned and distributed via Cardano and the blockchain.

BlazedBulls PFP
BlazedBulls PFP

I’ll admit, I admire that they’re talking about the metaphorical Holy Grail, trying to bring the two worlds together. Of course, there is a reason it hasn’t happened so much before; it’s hard.

If they’re going to be successful in bringing web 3 and 2 together, there’s a lot of hard work in front of them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t do it.  I’m sure tons of people said the same thing about Steve Jobs.

The utility is going to be the brand, and they’ve already got a web 2 storefront open on their website. The storefront is very easy to navigate, and they have a few items available for purchase already.

The BlazedBulls Brand

I think the BlazedBulls may play to the skating culture they’re trying to reach.  In that world, I’d bet that bull-themed gear is less saturated and the artwork kind of matches the skating aesthetic.

I am a little confused about the branding though. In my opinion, the project logo does not match the PFP art style. I’m never accused of being stylish so this is probably just me.  Maybe it’s a graphical take on the old “business in the front and party in the back” thing.


I think BlazedBulls are doing something right now that will be commonplace in a few years.  I think they’ve picked a good branding theme for the audience they’re trying to reach. That being said, I think being this early is going to be tough on the team and community. Of course, if the community holds on and the team can continue to build its brand, it could be on the precipice of ushering in the new economy before many people have even heard of web 3.

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