Call me a degen but when I look out across the Cardano landscape and see how easy and seamless wallet integration has become with daps and Dex’s, I can’t help but wonder: Wen poker platform?

As soon as I heard that the Cardano Crocs Club were building one, I jumped into their discord to see what was going on.

It turns out, there’s a lot going on. I’m not sure if crocodiles in the wild have testicles or not but these crocs certainly have balls!

Cardano Crocs Club Casino

Cardano Crocs Club Casino
Cardano Crocs Club Casino

What they are attempting to build is ambitious, to say the least – An entire NFT casino and gaming ecosystem built around their Swamp Lands, with staking, their own utility token, and even a stablecoin!

I discovered the crocs just prior to the release of the poker platform and I was among the first to sit at the tables and play a few hands. The software felt slightly clunky but that was expected, given the first version was always going to be a bare-boned release to stress test systems and find any bugs. The crocs promise to iron out any kinks in later releases due end of 2022 or Q1 2023.

That being said, there isn’t all that much to complain about. The biggest issue for me was getting my chips onto the table. After connecting to my Nami wallet, I was able to see my c4 balance but when converting them to poker chips I encountered a failed transaction.

They provided a wallet address to send my C4 to and the support team promptly credited my poker chips manually. This works fine but is slightly annoying so now if I encounter this problem I simply refresh my screen and try the transaction again, which always works after a few attempts.

Overall, the poker platform functions perfectly and anyone familiar with online poker will have no issue navigating the site.

Currently, only cash games are available but subsequent releases will include multi-table tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments. I believe this will be pivotal for the Crocs as it will likely attract a good percentage of the players and projects that currently use Poker Now as their go-to poker platform.

Cardano Crocs Club Are Holding More Than Just Their Poker Face

Cardano Crocs Club

For the Crocs, however, poker is merely the first stepping stone. They’re building a vast system with plenty of moving parts that might be confusing to first-time onlookers. Allow me to summarize it for you as simply as I can:

The original 2D “Cardano Crocs Club” collection of PFPs dropped in OCt 2021 and after a burning event, the numbers were finalized at 7700 crocs.

All holders of the original crocs were eligible to mint 1 “Radioactive Cardano Croc” – a 10k collection of 3D crocs, the remaining of which were minted to the public.

Then came the “Baby Croc Club” which holders of the first two collections were able to mint. They are an on-chain collection of 5081-pixel art NFTs.

Cardano Baby Crocs Club

Now here is where things get really interesting…

$C4 player pass – Only 750 were minted and if you are looking for a passive income play then pay attention because the potential here is extraordinary – Owning a pass and 8 crocs entitles the holders to their share of 30% of the rake at the poker tables! Just think of the potential should become the default poker hub of Cardano.$C4 token – This is the currency to be used in the vast and broad ecosystem the crocs are building. You will need it to play poker, interact with future games and apps, and mint the Swamp Lands.

Swamp Lands – The Swamplands will be a gamified dashboard where members can manage all their activities in the ecosystem and will be divided into 3 distinct types of land:

50 000 Living Lands where members will be able to stake their croc and non-croc NFTs to earn even more passive income rewards.

10 000 Recreational Lands will allow holders to launch simple apps and games they develop, or alternatively, be rented out to other developers to build on.

3000 Commercial Lands will be a space where larger applications like marketplaces and Dex’s can be built by land owners.

USDC4 – A stablecoin that the croc development team is working on that will be pegged 1 to 1 with USDC.

More Information Is Available At Your Fingertips

The crocs are one of the most enterprising CNFT projects I have seen. They have a fantastic team of people who continue to focus on creating value for their community and holders. You can tell that they believe in what they are building and their excitement is infectious!

Join any CNFT twitter space and you will likely spot @aSung or @Oliver, who speak intelligently about their project and will have an answer to any question you might have.

If this article has piqued your interest I encourage you to dive into their comprehensive white paper here for a lot more details or to reach out to the team on Discord or Twitter for any questions you might have.

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