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December 2022 - Issue 4 Free Content Gaming

Rogue Galaxies

  It’s no secret that the global gaming industry has grown bigger than movies and music combined and shows no

December 2022 - Issue 4 Free Content

Cardano NFTs In 2023 – What’s In Store

  2022 was a banner year for Cardano NFTs, that’s for sure.  We’ve seen tons of new projects, a wave

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December 2022 - Issue 4 Editorial Free Content

Why Ending Royalties For NFT Sales Could Kill Your Favorite Project

  I’ve heard a disturbing rumor floating around the NFT space that we are moving to a royalty-free model on
CNFT Related Businesses December 2022 - Issue 4 Free Content

  Some of my favorite NFT projects I like to write about are the ones that are doing interesting things

December 2022 - Issue 4 Free Content Gaming New Mints

Mad Dog Car Club: Minting Racers On December 17 2022

      Tell me a #CardanoNFT project that doesn’t get the attention it deserves? — CNFT Magazine (@cnft_magazine) November

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December 2022 - Issue 4 Utility Projects

Wild Tangz – The Embodiment of Utility

When I think about “utility projects”, one of the first names that come to mind is Wild Tangz.  The Tangz