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⭕️✨OREMOB – Building For The Long-Term

It’s always interesting to me to see new projects come in and become wildly successful quickly.  The OREMOB has certainly

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It’s Time For A New Direction

Clinton Brown Here First of all, I’m not going anywhere. TLDR The Subscription Token has been converted into a Lifetime

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Unphased – Minting March 15, 2023

Project Name: Unphased Available NFTs: 5,555 Mint Date: March 15, 2023 Price: TBA Unphased is an upcoming  Cardano NFT Project

possums of doom
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Possums Of Doom – Minting March 3, 2023

  Project:  Possums Of Doom QTY: 4,9999 Date: March 3, 2023 “Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine entered Didel. Before

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Cardano Crocs Club

  Call me a degen but when I look out across the Cardano landscape and see how easy and seamless

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Wren Ellis Talks Art, Music, And Over Exposed

  Sometimes, you see a piece of art that changes your perception of what art could be. It might be

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Exclusive Subscriber Content – ADA NinajaZ

How do we establish which NFT projects should be recognized as the best? Is it secondary market sales volume?  Project

JPG Junkies
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JPG Junkies – A Cardano NFT project with A+ art and utility

JPG Junkies captures the degen energy of NFTs like few projects have been able to. We all know that dopamine hit of buying a jpg…

old money cover image
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Old Money, A Premature Monument To Paper Currency

Old Money is a Cardano NFT project, whose main offering is a $0.2 dollar bill with artwork that contain blemishes that range from coffee stains to blood-spatter.

Exclusive Subscription Content Gaming November 2022 - Issue 3

Derp Birds – Gamified Collecting with Updates Coming Soon…

Welcome to Derptonia; as it says on Derp Birds Twitter page–a place that has birds, eggs, baby birds, apes, shards,