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What’s A COTAS? What do they Do? Should I Get One? – Read This

COTAS stands for Citizens Of The Ape Society.  The latest collection minted by Cardano’s #1 project is a digital passport

Issue 5 New Mints Utility Projects

BlazedBulls – Minting March 1, 2023

I’ll take a good look at this project and give it a proper rundown, and I’ll categorize it for easier digestion.  Those Categories are Originality, Artwork, The Team, Social Influence, and Utility.

Gaming New Mints

Goombles – Minting February 28, 2023

Project:  Goombles Date: TBA (Late February) Cost: $79 USD per Goomble Available Tokens:  5,000/1000 First Mint 5k Goombles:  Website |

Beez Hive
New Mints Utility Projects

Beez Hive Minting March 8, 2023

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It’s Time For A New Direction

Clinton Brown Here First of all, I’m not going anywhere. TLDR The Subscription Token has been converted into a Lifetime

Exclusive Subscription Content New Mints

Unphased – Minting March 15, 2023

Project Name: Unphased Available NFTs: 5,555 Mint Date: March 15, 2023 Price: TBA Unphased is an upcoming  Cardano NFT Project

possums of doom
Exclusive Subscription Content Gaming New Mints

Possums Of Doom – Minting March 3, 2023

  Project:  Possums Of Doom QTY: 4,9999 Date: March 3, 2023 “Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine entered Didel. Before

New Mints Utility Projects

ADA Hackers

Cardano needs hackers.  Hackers try to break the system to show its vulnerabilities.  Good hackers (white hats) do it to

ADA Inmates
Free Content Issue 5 New Mints

ADA Inmates – Minting February 9, 2023

When I got started in the NFT game, I hoped I would end up making a bunch of money and

December 2022 - Issue 4 Free Content Gaming New Mints

Mad Dog Car Club: Minting Racers On December 17 2022

      Tell me a #CardanoNFT project that doesn’t get the attention it deserves? — CNFT Magazine (@cnft_magazine) November