Oremob feature
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⭕️✨OREMOB – Building For The Long-Term

It’s always interesting to me to see new projects come in and become wildly successful quickly.  The OREMOB has certainly

Filthy Rich Horses
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Filthy Rich Horses

  What’s better than being rich?  Being filthy rich. Filthy Rich Horses is a Cardano NFT project that includes 7,500

JPG Junkies
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JPG Junkies – A Cardano NFT project with A+ art and utility

JPG Junkies captures the degen energy of NFTs like few projects have been able to. We all know that dopamine hit of buying a jpg…

old money cover image
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Old Money, A Premature Monument To Paper Currency

Old Money is a Cardano NFT project, whose main offering is a $0.2 dollar bill with artwork that contain blemishes that range from coffee stains to blood-spatter.

drrs twitter header
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Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society: A Story Of Community Utility

I’ll be the first to admit that I was sleeping on Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society. This was an epic failure

metaplanes g15 minting now
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Metaplanes – G 1.5 Boarding Passes Minting Now

The Cardano Metaverse is coming. Okay, Lots of them are. It could take years for many of them to be

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Spacebudz: Cardano’s First Bluechip

When most CNFT collectors are asked about what the ecosystem’s blue chips are, more often than not, Spacebudz is at