From the studio that brought the first full-length feature film on the blockchain to Cardano, comes Clay’s Redemption a tale of a body-jumping enforcer that’s forced to live in a world of ancient Gods. Directed by Carlos Boellinger, the movie is inspired by 80’s cult films.  Clay’s Redemption is available as an NFT on the Serenity Pictures‘ website. You can buy the noir (black-and-white) version or the full-color neon edition.  

Clay's Redemption Trailer Available as A NFT
Clay’s Redemption Trailer is Available as A NFT


Clay’s Redemption is an award-nominated film, receiving 6 nominations, including best film, at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Carlos Boellinger and Ivo Alexander wrote the film. Boellinger, Alexander, and Krzysztof Solek produced the project along with Rona Walter, the force behind Toxica, the first feature film released on the blockchain.

More On Serenity Films

The following is an excerpt from the September/October 2022 Issue of CNFT Magazine, out soon:

Serenity Pictures is built around three people, Rona Walter, Carlos Boellinger, and Ivo Alexander.  Each played a different role in Toxica.  This isn’t their first project working together.  Boellinger and Walter met at the screenwriting Film Festival in 2016, and he introduced Walter to Alexander. The three founded Serenity Pictures specifically for the blockchain.  Ivo told me that “Serenity Pictures was founded when Carlos, Rona, and I decided we are going to team up to release films on the blockchain, and we needed a badge, a presence, to become its own thing.”

The team also has long-term plans for helping to usher in the NFT era in the movie industry.  As Walter told me, “We want to bring back original storytelling, something we lack severely these days. It is an ability our future generations will need to create instead of going in circles by copying the same old.”

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