Cardano Twitter had some new players entering the space, projects gaining traction, and some new mints. Here’s this week’s summary:

  • The Vasil Hardfork was successfully deployed, and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson can’t believe the press still comments on a “three-month delay”.
  • $Wab.eth, a prominent Ethereum chain influencer (although you might not want to call him that!), made a splash in the Cardano twitter space by buying up CNFTs, asking about new projects, trolling the Cardano community, and promoting his new cross-chain NFT project: Sappy Seals. Has he been an overall benefit to the space? The jury’s out on that one.
  • Clay Cats Society gained 1500 followers ahead of its launch on Cardano.
  • Numbers are trending for ADA Handle mints and secondary markets. Headlined by the 10k Handle Club, numbers 0-10k are completely sold out, and the floor price is rising. Sub-0 numbers with a minus sign in front are staying cool with the SubZero999Club reporting only 25% of the negative numbers between 0 and -999 un minted. Handle Tools went live with an easy way to search for your favorite $handles.
  • Ape Nation is mutating this weekend;
  • Derp Birds re-tweeted a reminder about what we missed out on;
  • And our favorite influences like CryptoFinally are still buying.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment with this week’s best moments on Cardano/CNFT Twitter.