Who wouldn’t want a little magic in their Cardano wallet?  Crypto Fairies are here to make sure the community has positive vibes and enchanting experiences.

Fairy Frens is the initial NFT offering for the project. Over two-thirds of the collection is already sold out.

The Crypto Fairies Team

Founded and run by a mother and daughter team named Fairy Godmother and Tinkerbell respectively,  and, as Tinkerbell says Fairy Frens is “perfect for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.”

Tinkerbell, the project’s artist, told me that she “chose to individually design the FairyFrens and merge my love of linguistics and Story Telling to tell the story of FairyLand, Queen Fae, and Panowyn.”  She studied art at University, and it’s evident in her artwork. The Fairy Frens imagery is so realistic looking,

Crypto Fairy
Crypto Fairy

Fairy Godmother has a background in old-fi (traditional finance). She told me she “worked in the private banking sector for multiple international banks spread over two decades.”. She was known for “always having a keen eye for the next disruptive innovation of the financial sector.”

The two have been business partners for a decade, so they have the experience to run a project like Crypto Fairies.

Together, they have the perfect balance of artwork and business, an ingredient for a super team.

The Fairy Frens Clans

Even though the Fairies are a beautiful example of what art can be, they are more than just pretty faces.  There’s a story that revolves around the Clans.  Each of the Frens belongs to one of four:

  • Willow Warriors
  • Mystic Maidens
  • Daughters of the Mist
  • The Fairy Guard

Willow Warriors are the gatekeepers, known to be mobile, brave, fair, and powerful.  Mystic Maidens are sea fairies who are pure, healing, illusive, and fluid, while the Willow Warriors are soldiers that are fearless, strong, tactical, and gutsy.  Finally, we’ve got the Fortune Tellers. They are mystic, clairvoyant, ominous, and intuitive.

Surprisingly, when I asked Fair Godmother which Clan she and Tinkerbell identified with, she replied, “we felt that this is because we are the soldiers of the web3 community trying to spread the word of positivity and magic.”  Of course, I would have thought they would have picked the Willow Warriors.  However, when I reflected on her response it makes perfect sense. Fairy Godmother and Tinkerbell are definitely on the front lines.  A short rundown of their social media proves these two are earning every interaction.

This Is A Project Born From Fairy Dust (And Maybe A Little Mischief)

Speaking of social media, the Crypto Faries are full of energy  As Fair Godmother told me they “incorporate that energy by having larger than life, in real-life experiences regarding web3.”
And they don’t stop at just marketing their project.

Crypto FairyAfter perhaps a little fairy dust and mischief, Fairy Godmother says “Our local 7/11 attendant now has a Cardano Wallet and will allow us to produce content there in turn.”   In other antics, they have literally stopped runners, mid-run to tell them about Cardano NFTs.

They have even taken “dares from the community to yell I LOVE CARDANO in the middle of a public place!” As Tinkerbell said, “we love to have fun with memes, dressing up, and basically mischief for entertainment!”

What’s Next For Fairy Friends And Crypto Fairies

Once they have completed their mint, the next step is developing new features for holders.  Fair Godmother explained, “we will be able to use our ‘gating’ system on our website to unlock special features for FairyFrens holders, simultaneously acting on behalf of the FairyFrens.”

Although there’s always building to be done, the Faires have a little magic set for this fall.  Tinkerbell told me that “we have a FairyPond game to host at the CNFTCon in development and when we sell out of the collection, our real mission begins.”

One thing’s for sure, the Crytpo Fairies aren’t going anywhere.  Fairy Godmother and Tinkerbell will continue to build and bring positivity to the Cardano NFT community. Fairy Godmother confirmed that they will keep speaking about Cardano NFTs “and promote moralistic values to the web3 community at large.”

Ultimately, I think Fairy Godmother got it right when she told me “our role as ambassadors for the spreading of kindness and positivity on the blockchain, our inter-generational team and we often like to say we are switching the algorithm.”

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