I’ll be the first to admit that I was sleeping on Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society. This was an epic failure as far as I’m concerned. I’d seen the project before the April 21st (2022) mint and thought it looked so interesting. I figured I’d have time to get it on my own schedule.

It sold out in 22 seconds.

After the mint, I saw the community develop, and watched the project’s attention rising. Yet, I still failed to pull the trigger.

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society
Jeb Tesseract

I didn’t see Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society’s rise coming. But now, I’ve seen it happen. If only I could go back to the past…

After less than 3 months, Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society has earned over ₳4 million in secondary sales and has torn through the CNFT field to get into the top 15 all-time volume projects on Cardano’s NFT ecosystem.

This project has great artwork.  The collection is clean, and there’s a lot of diversity.  If you scroll through your favorite marketplace you’ll see there seem to be a lot of traits.  There are also some great pop-culture references in the Rabbit’s traits, like co-creator Jeb Tesseract’s  Nirvana t-shirt under a flannel shirt. I’ve even seen what may be an homage to The Karate Kid.  There’s a retro feel to the PFPs that I personally love.

The Legend of Wilhelm Tesseract And Scavenger Hunts

Beyond the art is a narrative that starts in 2097 with Wilhelm Tesseract discovering time travel.  Now he and his friends jump back into the past to play pranks and leave clues to future events. You can read more about the Dead Rabbit Ressurection Society on the Lore page of their website.

The team has succeeded in getting maximum participation in the DRRS ecosystem with novel approaches like IRL scavenger hunts.

Max Topher
Max Topher

The most recent hunt, Level 2 of the Dead Event, Dead Boxes features  100 teams of 5 competing to win 50 dead boxes in an online puzzle/scavenger hunt.

These fun tasks bring the group together and build loyalty among holders and non-holders alike. This is the kind of magic that will successful long-term projects.

DRRS Is Already Giving Back To The NFT Community

The Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society aims to help new collectors, as well as seasoned veterans, make sure they understand the risks of investing in a project that shows indicators of problems.  In their discord, they have a section called NFT Red Flags.  They mention several reasons that you may want to consider before buying into a community.  For instance, the lack of a roadmap should give you pause.

The section also puts the importance of doxxed teams.  The Dead Rabbits are all doxxed.  This may not be the most important thing in a simple PFP project, but the more complex the project, the more the need for transparency.  If for example, there is a new metaverse with an un-doxxed team, you should be wary.  The section talks about the difficulty of developing a project as huge as a metaverse and a large number of people it takes to actually pull it off. With the promises that come with such a huge project, is an un-doxxed team trustworthy enough to invest in?

They even have a section for aspiring creators in their discord. Tesseract gives the new NFT project some good advice, especially when it comes to approaching a bigger collection with a collaboration idea.  If you are a new creator, you definitely need to get on the DRRS discord and check this section out.

Dead Rabbit



This is a great project with a great community, and the building blocks to be something special. There is never any guarantee of any long-term endeavor, but hard work lends itself to good luck.  So far, the Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society has put in the work, and the results stand on their own merits.

So, do I regret not jumping in on Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society from day 1? I do.  Am I an idiot for not buying when I saw them taking off? Yes, I am. They’ve got everything I want in an NFT community, and a team that is working hard to rise above the noise. 

You should never take financial advice from a .jpg monkey. Based on my miss on DRRS, it should be evident.  Don’t take my word for it; get on their discord, Twitter, and website and check it out for yourself.  These guys have proven they know how to keep their holders active and entertained.  You really can’t ask more of a project than that.



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