I got a chance to sit down with the one and only Deezy of NFT Alpha to discuss a new collaboration with Justin Williams and Hit Network graphic artist Steven Polizzi. By sit down, I mean I sat at my desk at home and sent him a Zoom link, but it’s Web3 so you get the idea.

Talking to Deezy is just like watching him on NFT Alpha, Around the Blockchain, and other Hit Network shows–he’s laid back and fun to talk to. I asked a few questions about the JPG Junkies and even got some hints about what might be coming next for the project.

Q&A With Deezy

Leah: You’re a well-known advocate of the CNFT space and part of many cNFT communities. You went to cNFTcon, RareBloom, and you know a lot of project founders. What are you inspired to do as a Cardano NFT project founder?
Deezy: It’s not being a project founder, it’s being a community founder that’s really exciting. JPG Junkies are a merry bank of thieves the next thing you know, it becomes a pirate ship.

Leah: Is Deezy a jpg junkie?
Deezy: Deezy is 100% a jpg junkie to my downfall. I rode my mutant ape down 100k.

Leah: Those are some legit Diamond hands! Definitely the mark of a JPG junkie. How did this project start?
Deezy: Me and Justin were brainstorming, and we had this idea that the art from digital pencil looked like a junkie, a junkie for JPGs. We thought he would be addicted to something kinda fun, and something we’re addicted to as well. We thought it was a good name and something that people could relate to; a brand that could evolve.

Leah: About that art–what’s your favorite junkie trait?
Deezy: I love the 1 of 1s, especially the skeleton. 

Leah: I love that one.
Deezy: You also gotta love the bong: the clarity (for the art’s sake) can’t go wrong with those ghost skins. 

Leah: What do you like most about the junkie’s community?
Deezy:I like that we lean into being jpg junkies, we’re unashamed; and we won’t change our minds. 

Leah: What project are you looking forward to collaborating with?
Deezy: Right now we have collaborations set, but they’re secret. We’re still aiming for collabs with SpaceBudz and Clays.

Leah: Where do you see this project in the future? What’s your biggest hope for it?
Deezy: To be making the type of merch that other people are jealous of. We want to see people asking about your hoodie, not your seed phrase. 

Leah: Can you give me some insider info on what might be next?
Token-gated website coming soon, we have our first partner already set. We’re working on this project all the time in the background… stay tuned.


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