Welcome to Derptonia; as it says on Derp Birds Twitter page–a place that has birds, eggs, baby birds, apes, shards, and preds… oh ya and there’s also the $DERP token. Let’s just say it’s a place with a lot going on, and that’s because it’s a project with a whole lot of raw energy. 

Within one year, the project has rolled out several NFT groups with gamified collection strategies; reinvented the way NFTs are minted on Cardano using Multisig, and built a strong community who enjoy building their collection and having fun. 

Derp Birds

Researching this project was a little like standing in front of a crime scene board–connecting the dots with red string, but the “Eureka” moment finally came. If you’ve been meaning to learn more about this project, then look no further because this is your guide to everything DERP. 

Derp Birds have had a price run up over the past few weeks. In July, the average sale price was around 80 ADA, at the beginning of September it was about 160. Now the floor price for Derp Birds are well over 415 ADA following a surge in Ethereum NFT holders moving over to Cardano, and upcoming events and price catalysts for Derp Birds. I guess you could say: the bird is the word.

Derp Birds

Before we get into what’s next for the Derps, let’s dive into exactly what a Derp Bird is. It’s an NFT (duh-or should I say DERP), launched September 17th 2021–10,000 Derp Birds total with 7 attributes and 14 archetypes. The rarest is considered a “perfect specimen”, which has the same archetype for every attribute. OG Derp Birds are the ticket to everything on the roadmap.

Lock in achievements for collecting birds with different attributes, which is one of the central pillars for the gamified collection experience users get with owning Derp Birds. 

Derp Eggs & Derplings

Congratulations are in order for the Derp Birds: they had babies! They’re sold out now, but still available on the secondary market, Derp Eggs were created through incubation because sadly, there are no female Derp Birds. The eggs do, however, have the same DNA as their beloved father Derp Bird. How sweet. 

Derp Birds2

Hatching them to create a derplings is sold out now, so eggs are converted, along with an OG Derp Bird, to convert to a PRED. 1 Bird + 1 egg (or more to boost luck) = 1 pred. How’s that for a math equation? 

There are “perfect eggs”, where the derplings sit on the bottom half of the shell, and when used as fuel to create PREDS, they’re luckier. Common eggs can incubate many times with a 7 day cooldown period, Scare, Rare, Epic, Mystical and Legendary can only incubate once. There are 7,500 Derplings that hatched from eggs.

Multi-sig Minting

Hatching Derp Eggs in a way that was meaningful to the holder was, at first, harder to achieve than expected. Hatchery transactions were more complicated, and the team wanted to swap eggs for Derplings in a single transaction. 

This is how Derp Birds became the first project on Cardano to use multi-sig minting, and it had an impact on CNFTs and the Cardano ecosystem. 

Derp Apes

So where did these seemingly unrelated Derp Apes, or DRAPES as they’re affectionately called in the Discord, come from? They started off as a joke–remember, this is a community bonded together by memes and good times, and what’s a fun-loving crypto community without a few apes?

Dropping the Drapes continued funding for the project that made delivering on the Derp Birds roadmap more affordable. It was an open drop that didn’t need multisig tech, and they’re just a fan favorite within the community and a more affordable way to onboard new NFT holders into the Derp Birds space. Currently, the floor price for Drapes is around 110 ADA.


Hate the Derp Birds? No worries–pick up or swap for a PRED because according to the website’s FAQ, they hate Derp Birds too. PRED, which is Derp spelled backwards, were released in April of 2022 and minted by trading a Derp Bird and an Egg in a pred invasion. They have a ranking system, and when you increase battle preparedness you get a higher rank. This is all based on the qualities of NFTs that are traded for that PRED. Rarer PREDs will have special benefits in Season 2.  

Gamified Collecting

No, this doesn’t mean that a Derp Birds vs. PREDS game is coming soon. In fact Dave, the project’s founder, sees creating a blockchain game as a risky play because most Web3 games suck, and even if the community loves the game, odds are they will get tired of it in a few months.

Derp Birds3

Instead, the experience of collecting Derp Birds and PREDs is gamified, with faction wars coming soon where the community will have to work together in real time to defeat a “boss”. In July the project tweeted that they’re working on some of the UI and Mechanics for this, and they have some interesting things in the works.

When Derp Birds were traded for PREDS they weren’t burned and instead, are locked away for potential rescue missions that could happen in the future. The founder says that a lot of things would have to come together for this to happen, including increased demand for NFTs which we probably won’t see until the bull run starts again, and/or the bear market cools off. 


Another incentive is earning the project’s native token $DERP by converting XP, which you get from staking, achievements and engaging with the community on discord and soon, on Twitter. The token has a 100 million fixed supply, and $DERP tokens can be spent on raffle tickets, with each ticket being a single entry for a chance to win. Draws usually run for 5 days, and the prizes are blue chip NFTs like spacebudz, clays, PXL Kongs and others. A marketplace is in the works for holders to spend their $DERP as well.


Right now the Discord is  rallying holders to get the assets stackable on Cardanolands. They have to be voted in using the Cardanoland token $exo which is minted on the website. The NFTs can already  be staked on the Derp Birds website to earn $DERP, with rewards added every epoch with no need to lock up assets or delegate to a stake pool.

What’s Next For Derp Birds

Derp Birds is about to experience a full 2.0 rebirth, with artwork all redone by Cozmo, one of the best digital artists in the space. Holders of OG Derp Birds will have the opportunity to swap their bird for one with updated artwork, and the Dirp Birds locked policy id is undergoing a full token migration to make the collection friendlier to upgrades and add-ons in the future. 

Holders won’t have to swap their OG Derp Bird, they will have the choice to have one with the updated art or keep the original. There’s been an influx of new people in the space and ultimately the project founders see Derp Birds as a potential Cardano Blue Chip, and they’re getting the project ready for heavier demand “if the stars align” for that to happen. 


Derp Birds is a fan-favorite project that is just a whole lot of fun. Its inception and roadmap is full of energy, and the founders are committed to giving holders more to look forward to for the future of the project. Want to know more? Check out this interview with founder Dave and NFT Youtuber Farmer Nash.

Keep on Derpin’! ???

Derp Birds4


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