Disco Solaris NFT art is a refreshing mix of Netflix’s Stranger Things (the 80s aesthetic, not the horror), The Fifth Element (a Bruce Willis classic), a street-style version of your favorite cartoon (retro of course), and Mad Max’s Thunderdome (with a more utopian vibe).

They call it a decentralized retropian universe–which the founders say means an “irrational longing for the past as the future” in a utopian community. It’s an idealized version of 80s Miami on a distant planet called Moebius-9 and the bio dome of NeoMiami that exists somewhere in space; where its citizens are being protected from an unknown threat with the use of “shielding technologies and advanced biomedical countermeasures”. Or so says Mr. Blue…but more on him later.

View From The Planet Moebius-9

The planet is half the size of the Earth, with an entirely different atmosphere–not to mention it it’s unsure if they can grow plants and is covered by rock sediment. Top botanists are among the 5,777 inhabitants of the city, who cultivate local flora found outside the biodome. The crazy part? The storyline is so new, “Discos” as they call themselves, haven’t even gotten to that part yet.

Are you catching on that Disco Solaris is heavily invested in its storyline? It just so happens that storytelling is the basis of the Disco Solaris metaverse. It has a city, persons of interest and factions, media outlets (Moonlight Radio and its own newspaper: The Neo Miami Times), the Snackbeat Cafe, and obstacles to overcome— like finding and keeping plants, and the fragile health status of the people who live on Moebius-9.

The founders of Disco Solaris come from a game development background, who felt they could see right through the 3D metaverse teasers that are circulating online. They believe people are getting the wool pulled over their eyes by a couple hours on engines like Unity or Unreal, that produce clips of an upcoming “metaverse” that is merely a pretty package for a bunch of empty promises.

They see storytelling as a true creation of life in the metaverse, and with their 12+ years of gamedev experience they plan to create video and traditional role-playing games that compliment the metaverse experience.

Disco Solaris NFTs have one of the most diverse hand-drawn trait combinations in the CNFT space, with two male and female base characters, 20 traits and 150 elements per gender. The artist is called Deadpaint, and in total there are around 300 elements in the collection with almost 10 trillion unique character combinations that were algorithmically-generated at the time of mint to produce the 5,777 NFTs.

The project touts its own singer/songwriter Amber VHS, who released singles based on Disco Solaris called: Fly me to the Moon, Let’s Dance and Where is my Mind?

Right now the project has its own currency called DISCO, created by fractionalizing Disco Solaris NFT #0007 that was purchased by Jael Cartel, and locked in a smart contract to back the currency and give it value.

On the Roadmap, or Star Map as it’s called here, holders are looking ahead to more music releases by singer/songwriter Amber VHS, progression of the storyline where Discos finally leave Earth for their galactic destination, games, airdrops and more.

Amber VHS during the Fly Me to the Moon photoshoot
Amber VHS during the Fly Me to the Moon photoshoot

Story events are posted live on Discord, and holders vote on what happens next. Think of it as the beloved late 80s-early 90s “choose your own adventure” books, but this time living it with other holders that are going on the journey too.

Flipping to page one of The Neo Miami Times, we learn that millions watched on June 21st 1983 as the ISS Eternity spacecraft was unveiled, benchmarking the speed at which the space travel industry developed into the Space Age, where humans could embark on interstellar travel.

Innovation was propelled mostly by the Dim Blue Dot Corporation, and its superhero-like founder, Mr. Blue. Dubbed “The Ship of Dreams”, The Eternity is a city in the sky— first class is equipped with a gym, libraries, high class restaurants and upscale finishing’s; and second and third class don’t sound too shabby either, with accommodations similar to those on “luxury cruise ships.”

The Neo Times
The Neo Times

When ticket holders to Neo Miami enter the quarantine facility financed by venture capitalists led by an elusive billionaire called “Mr. Blue”, will passengers find the voyage a safe haven—a modern day Noah’s Ark— or will the journey turn out to be more than they bargained for?

Overall, Disco Solaris is a vibrant Cardano-based community whose metaverse story has only just begun, making it one to watch as Cardano NFTs attract increasing market share.

Stay safe out there! ??


Photo credits: https://lore.discosolaris.com/

Written by: Leah Blu
Twitter – @bluewatershores
ADA handle – $coffeeandcrypto

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