What’s better than being rich?  Being filthy rich.

Filthy Rich Horses is a Cardano NFT project that includes 7,500 non-fungible tokens. They minted their PFP on February 2, 2022. Filthy Rich Horses has, to date, sold over 400,000 ADA in the secondary market.  They have recently welcomed new leadership to the project, and I’m starting to see a buzz about what’s coming for Filthy Rich Horses.

The Age Of The Hoof

According to the official lore, The Filthy Rich Horses were given wealth after a close call with a global apocalypse.   It was a time when AI had taken over, and when word of impending doom came, the richest people in the world threw a party to end all parties.  During the party, they signed their wealth over to the horses, and The Filthy Rich Horses took dominion over the Earth.

Once the horses realized they were now in charge, they set out to write a Constitution that would represent the new reality.  The first article of the new governing document outlawed wars and codified that all disputes would be settled in The Great Arena.


I think this is one of the more interesting mythologies I’ve seen in an NFT project. 

The Team

There was recently a change in leadership within the team.  Speechmoor (you may know him from The Great Ape Debate on Twitter), accepted the challenge and has made a real impact with Filthy Rich Horses.   With Speechmoor’s leadership, the Filthy Rich Horses have already changed course and are heading around the track in the right direction.

The Filthy Horses’ floor just reached the original mint price.  For a project that’s floor was in the single digits, that’s amazing.  Sure, the floor price is up, but long-term that’s not as important as building a community to support the project and building utility to keep it active.  That’s what Speechmoor and his team are doing.

The Roadmap

The FRH recently released its road map that shows the team’s plan through 2023.  Some of the highlights of the roadmap include:

  • An updated website
  • The New Token reveal
  • Staking
  • Land map review

That doesn’t include the additional mints in 2023 for stables  and riders, both of which lead up to the development of a game that will utilize the new token reveal

Filthy Rich Horses Roadmap
Filthy Rich Horses Roadmap

The Stables And Riders

The Stables are the next step in the evolution of the project.  The stables will be upgradeable and start the service-based economy in the ecosystem.  The stable will also be the way that holders reap rewards. The stables will be where your horses live and train.

Mints for the Riders will follow the stables, and this will be gamified.  These riders will help with tasks around the stable in addition to riding during racing games.  Some riders will be able to give horses a boost, and Speechmoor announced on the latest Twitter spaces that the riders will be a species of monkey.

Founders Passes

The team recently announced the Founders Pass NFT that will give holders additional benefits, which will include:

  • 100% royalties minus fees
  • Unlimited whitelists for upcoming mints
  • Discounted mints
  • 1 airdrop for every 3 paid mints
  • Token airdrop
  • Discounted merchandise
  • Stable staking boost
  • The right to make proposals
  • Beta access to new games and features
  • All-access poker
  • More benefits will be added over time

What’s not to like about all these benefits? I’ve seen the V.I.P. style tokens before, but I can’t remember any of the others have so many benefits.

Now For The Fun Part

The Filthy Rich Horses are building several mini-games that will be held in their arena in their virtual town of Stableton.  These will utilize the horses, riders, stables, and any other utilities for a group of games that can be used to earn the community token.  This will be the culmination of everything the team is building now.

In their recent Twitter Spaces, Speechmoor emphasized that the mini-games will include traditional horse racing with more creative ways to have races with the NFTs. This way, racers can mix it up and never get bored of playing the same game over and over.

Stableton (Click To Enlarge)

Filthy Rich Horses Are Rounding The Turn Off The Backstretch.

I believe the team and holders will agree there’s still a lot of work left to be done. That being said, Filthy Rich Horses have already accomplished so much with the leadership of the new team.

If I’m being honest, I thought the chances for this project to be successful long-term were not good only a few months ago. However, thanks to Speechmoor and the rest of the FRH team, and a determined set of holders that give the word HODL its meaning. The holders never gave up on this project even when others did.  To me, that says a lot for the future of Filthy Rich Horses.


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