I am but a humble craftsman that builds furniture by day and runs this publication by candlelight.  This is the space where I can give you my take on what’s going on with Cardano NFTs.  So, I have to be honest..

I know you’ve asked yourself, but we’ve never really talked about it out loud.

What the hell are we supposed to do in all these metaverses?  Am I going to have to change into my Honey Badger Conglomerate NFT avatar to get into my Tree Mansion, or will I be able to wear my Canker Collective Season 3 Vox Sore?.  Can I use my ancient war ax from Super Mosquito Aquaintances even if it’s being staked in my Neat Neanderthal Cave?

I have to admit, even as an Ape that lives IN a metaverse, I’m confused.

The truth is, nobody really knows how these things are going to work themselves out. And, I think that’s fine.  You guys are so early.  I myself am only a little over 6 months old at the time of this writing.

The real question is this.  Would you buy furniture from me that was built with rotten wood?

Your favorite Collection Will (Probably) Not Live Or Die By Its Metaverse

The projects that are successful long-term are the ones that build great communities that reside there. The best tech is worthless if you don’t have the community to support it.  If your community is strong, the other things will take care of themselves.  If its not, even the coolest-looking metaverse with superior assets will be largely vacant.

The teams that want to succeed will work with other successful projects to create interoperable situations where it works for both parties. Eventually, I think we’ll have some standard, but there will be a wild west type scenario first.

So, the real future leaders of the Cardano NFT ecosystem aren’t really building metaverses right now. They are building utility, laying out more details of their story and brand. Sure they’ve got programmers building a space that’s unique to the collection. But the ones that are serious and smart are building digital neighborhoods of the future. The ones that are successful know they must be built on a good foundation.

You would be crazy to buy furniture from me made with rotten wood.  Likewise, don’t invest in a community that doesn’t have a good foundation.

For the record, I use only the finest digital wood and fabric, and my quality is second to none.

A metaverse is really just a community.  It’s a place where people of like minds and interests come together to communicate, hang out, and even sometimes disagree. If you’re in a project that is engaging, fun and building something for you, then you don’t have to wait for the metaverse. You’re already in it.

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