• Project:  Goombles
  • Date: TBA (Late February)
  • Cost: $79 USD per Goomble
  • Available Tokens:  5,000/1000 First Mint 5k
Goombles – Minting Soon

Goombles:  Website | Twitter


According to Farmer Nash, founder of Goombles, this project is a “video game, a community, lifestyle brand, and a collection.” –  on Ultimate CNFT’s Youtube Channel

Goombles is one of the most anticipated projects in Cardano NFTs. Let’s take a look at Goombles, and hopefully, I’ll be able to give you some useful information that can help you make the decision to mint the tokens or not

I’m going to look at originality, the artwork, the team, Goombles lore, social influence, and utility.  Throughout I’ll give my personal thoughts, but this article should only be a small part of your DYOR regimen.

Goombles Originality

There are obviously other candy-related tokens on pretty much every NFT chain I looked at including Cardano.  That being said, I see the utility in Goombles that I didn’t see in other projects for the sweet-toothed. I think even the PFP may have some utility but will discuss that further down.

At a glance, this might look like other projects, but you don’t have to dig deep to see that there’s something Farmer Nash and his team are doing that is different.

The Artwork


It’s cute candy. From what I’ve seen, the PFP fits with the aesthetic Nash and the team are going for.  It’s not flashy or crazy.  Just fun.

Goombles will have at least three different styles of candy.  There will be round Goombles, tall Goombles, and an unrevealed candy body type as well.  In my opinion, the PFP artwork is exactly what I’d want out of a project like this

The Goombles Team

Of Course, there’s Farmer Nash. He’s a heavy hitter in the influencing social scene with many followers on his Twitter account.  He has followers from all NFT chains.  He’s also got about a year’s worth of videos on his youtube channel, where he talks about NFT Projects and related topics.

The website lists him as the lone team member, however, I’ve also seen that his girlfriend helps with the projects and there are mods helping with the discord as well.

While Farmer Nash is obviously the major player in this project, he can’t do it alone.

The Lore

“Sweetopia was a miracle. In a land of sugarless despair, a single candy
cane was born. From it came the magnificent power of SUGAR, a magical
resource capable of generating life. This tiny candy cane grew to become
the all-powerful Sacred Cane, a SUGAR-generating lifeforce that spread
its magic to birth ten distinct lands known as Factions.” – Goombles White Paper

Goombles reside in Cavity Court, one of the smaller communities in Sweetopia. Gumsford leads the Goombles, who make chewing gum that can be mixed with sugar to create Mechs.  These Mechs both work and protect the land for Goombles.

Gumsford took in Goomi, a candy orphan who realized his talent for craftsmanship, which lead him to develop battle Mechs, which Gumford did not want.

This is a decent backstory for the game.  I’m not sure how important the backstory will be in the actual playing of the game, but they’ve built the lore around the game so it must have some importance.

Social Media Influence

Farmer Nash and the team have the social media sphere covered.  The Goombles Twitter has over 13k followers more than 500 followers on Instagram, and their untold number of discord users bring a ton of genuine interaction.

This is something Farmer Nash obviously excels at. He’s has over 60k followers on his Twitter account.  I think with the cross-chain following Nash has, this project could onboard people to Cardano NFTs as nothing has before.


The Utility

I saw the game mentioned when I first started my research on Goombles, and I winced.  When I looked into it, however, I saw quickly this wasn’t going to be a play-to-earn situation with its tokens that have horrible tokenomics.

Goombles: Sugar Clash will have multiple characters,  and will be a fast-paced game with clutch moments that keep you on your toes.

This is going to be a web 2 mobile and PC game that will be a 3D RCS (Reaction Control Systems) tower defense style game.  The game will be playable on PC and mobile, and eventually, be multiplayer.  In their White Paper Goombles laid out the progression and evolution of the game

1: Single-player mode
2: Multiplayer with a 1v1 leaderboard
3: Competitive group gameplay.

Harkening back to the lore, there will be Mechs units that will double as towers in-game, and Towers that are secondary points of defense

The evil villain of the game will be “Sour”, the nemesis of sweet, and has plenty of tricky ways to fight.

Where’s The Benefit For Goombles token holders?

The first benefit of holding a token will be the chance to play the alpha game before anyone else.  Collectors can also expect a lot of perks, including cosmetics (Skins), battle passes, collector-only leaderboards, and more.

Farmer Nash has made it clear that there will be no in-game token.  As an early adopter of Axie Infinity, he knows how difficult it would be to make the tokenomics work. With Goombles:Sugar Clash, he’s taken a “web 2 with some web 3 around the fringes” approach to Goombles: Sugar clash.  The web3 part of the game will be for rewards that gamers can own. Who knows what those rewards will be, but I feel sure Farmer Nash has it all figured out already.

There’s also the lifestyle brand.  There’s not a lot of information on how this will work yet, so take that into consideration.

To Mint Or Not To Mint Goombles: That Is The Question

Unfortunately, I can’t (nor should I) make that decision for you.  If you’re a gamer that likes this type of game, this could be a lot of fun.  Even if you’re not, this may still be a project you may enjoy even if its just being a part of the Goombles community..

Goombles is the type of project that we could see in the top 10 in volume in a year.  They could also fall flat out of the gate. Investing is always a gamble to some extent, but some things are riskier than others.

Here’s what I do know.  Goombles looks like a fun project with a great community and a team that seems to know what they’re doing.  Their interesting take on web2/3 integration is interesting and I think what Farmer Nash and the team is doing could be another step toward crypto mass adoption.  Only time will tell.

*Note:  Clinton Brown or CNFT Magazine received no compensation for writing this article. Clinton Brown wrote it because he wanted to share some of his research on this project. Do your own research, and never take financial advice from a .jpg monkey.


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