What’s A COTAS? What do they Do? Should I Get

COTAS stands for Citizens Of The Ape Society.  The latest collection minted by Cardano’s #1 project is a digital passport

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BlazedBulls – Minting March 1, 2023

I'll take a good look at this project and give it a proper rundown, and I'll categorize it for easier

Goombles – Minting February 28, 2023

Project:  Goombles Date: TBA (Late February) Cost: $79 USD per Goomble Available Tokens:  5,000/1000 First Mint 5k Goombles:  Website |

Beez Hive Minting March 8, 2023

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⭕️✨OREMOB – Building For The Long-Term

It’s always interesting to me to see new projects come in and become wildly successful quickly.  The OREMOB has certainly

It’s Time For A New Direction

Clinton Brown Here First of all, I’m not going anywhere. TLDR The Subscription Token has been converted into a Lifetime

Unphased – Minting March 15, 2023

Project Name: Unphased Available NFTs: 5,555 Mint Date: March 15, 2023 Price: TBA Unphased is an upcoming  Cardano NFT Project

Possums Of Doom – Minting March 3, 2023

  Project:  Possums Of Doom QTY: 4,9999 Date: March 3, 2023 “Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine entered Didel. Before

ADA Hackers

Cardano needs hackers.  Hackers try to break the system to show its vulnerabilities.  Good hackers (white hats) do it to