CNFT Magazine publisher Clinton Brown has been burning the midnight oil behind the scenes working on something special for Subscription Token holders.

Introducing The Subscriber’s Hub.

With your token, you can access content that is exclusive to those who hold the CNFT Magazine Season 1 Subscription token.  We’re still in beta, but we’re ready to start letting our holders try it out. Clinton was able to connect on his mobile phone, but we’re interested in seeing how it works for other holders.

Token holders accessing the Subscription Hub will be able to

  • Early access to content before non-holders get a chance to read
  • Read exclusive content not available without the token in your wallet
  • Download all digital  edition issues
  • More announcements coming soon

To access the content, go to and connect the wallet with the token

If you don’t have the Season 1 Subscription token, you can buy it HERE.  With purchase, you’ll get access to every new issue through August 2023 all the season’s back issues, and you’ll get access to the Subscription Hub as long as the token stays in your wallet.

If you don’t have the token, you can still access the hub, however, if you click on exclusive content, you’ll be denied access to read the content.

Big shout-out to Cardanopress and Learn Cardano.  Their development of the application we’re using has allowed this to happen

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