The more you get to know Irie Reyna, the more you’ll realize she’s the perfect symbol for new artists starting their careers on the blockchain. We’re all familiar with the stories of seasoned veterans moving on-chain to Cardano. More than a few artists have moved on-chain after mainstream success has waned.  Reyna’s journey will be different.  She’ll have the opportunity to have full control of her career from day one with the help of blockchain.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Irie Reyna and the chance to ask some questions about her journey to music and Cardano, and about her future.

How Her Diverse Community Influenced Irie Reyna’s Music

Irie Reyna
Irie Reyna

Reyna grew up in South Florida in a diverse environment.  She told me “I’m half Filipino and half Colombian, so I have a wide range of diversity in my natural environment. I don’t speak Spanish fluently, but I enjoy the music all the same.” The cultural diversity her parents fostered, helped give her a love for a variety of music.  “Growing up around so much diversity taught me to be open to the rhythm, regardless of the language. I’ve used that experience to experiment with my own music.”

When I asked her about how she got into music, she said “I was singing since I got my hands on cassette tapes. I always enjoyed the music the most when I was isolated and able to just sing, shout, or sulk.”

She’s always gravitated to all things musical.  While most of her friends spent free time watching TV, Reyna would “shuffle through new music or listen to the same song for the 10000th time.

For Reyna, Cardano Is A Family Business

When I asked her why she chose Cardano, Reyna let me know that her family was in the ADA SPO business.

She said, “my dad introduced me to Cardano after asking me to take the time to learn about the staking pool he built alongside my cousin.”  The LATIN SPO was an early pool focused on Spanish-speaking HODLers.

She let me know she was “really proud of the work that they’ve done with the intention of making the many opportunities of Cardano available for Spanish speakers during a time when it was harder to access this information.” She should be. Her father and cousin are helping to bring Cardano to the masses.

How She Found A New Approach To Networking During The Pandemic

Irie ReynaWhen Covid-19 locked everyone down, artists had to find a new way to connect to fans and other artists. Twitter Spaces helped to fill the void. “After the pandemic hit, I stopped live performances and Spaces was my first time singing for an audience again.”

Not only did Reyna seek to build her own career, but she also began rooting for other artists as well.  In CNFT Magazine’s first issue, we featured rapper Matt Dymend.  His musical reboot started with a conversation about The Listening Room with Irie Reyna.

Everyone I’ve talked to about Reyna tells me how instrumental to the community she is.  She made clear the importance of the community to her:

It was inspiring to see a collective of individuals & other music-related projects come together for a common purpose. I’m very proud of the growth I’ve witnessed and had the pleasure of being a part of within just a year timeframe.”

The Perfect Combination Of Musical Talent And Business Acumen?

Reyna has a wide range of experience in the business world.  She’s worked in retail, the corporate realm, and even blockchain technology. She told me “I like to look at my skill set as different tools I’ve cultivated over time that continue to evolve as I transition.”

No matter what she does, she does it with a work ethic that’s uncommon for someone so young.  Reyna told me “I actually enjoy work.” She continued ” I think it has to do with problem-solving for me. I find critical thinking fun because it allows me to take my naturally fast thoughts and offer different ways of organization.”

More On Irie Reyna’s Music

Irie ReynaReyna wants to build on Cardano but, she also wants to extend her reach on other platforms.  She told me she’s “open and connected with many great projects on ETH, SOL, etc. I just appreciate the foundation that I’ve established where I am, and I know we are early to the party.”

Irie Reyna has bigger plans than only singing the song. She wants to be intimately involved in the entire progress.

I would love to have my own self-produced tracks. I’ve just recently become interested in understanding the science of making a song. I like experimenting with my voice in order to build around beats, so I thought this would be a fun challenge to explore more instruments.”

She was also the lead singer on the epoch 337 drop with SickCity as well on Oracle’s “You Can’t Stop Me.” (I caught a lot of heat for crossing genres but I enjoyed it haha)

Her dream collab would be with Rick Rubin. “He’s witnessed so much evolution in the industry and when I learn about history, especially that of other artists.”  The legendary producer is known for challenging artists’ ideas of how their songs should come together. This tells me she’s always up for a challenge, and interested in improving.

Her Music Is Very Good

Irene Reyna has an almost throwback sound to her voice. On her track “4EVR”, her sound reminds me of Erykah Badu, and that’s a compliment.  The track has a jazz undertone, and her voice is silky smooth, matching it perfectly. The single, released on Sick City’s Epoch 344 drop, is available here.

I asked her about any upcoming projects.  She told me “I would like to drop another track during October.”  She’s putting lessons learned with her new community to work. “I’m having fun being able to use the production shared in The Listening Room discord in order to practice, collab, and grow. Be sure to follow them @thelistenroom.”

My Take On Irie Reyna

I think she’s going to be successful at anything she puts her mind to.  She’s taken the first step of using her business experience and musical talent to forge her own digital path on the blockchain. She’s made the decision to control her career on her terms. Based on what I’ve seen and heard from Reyna, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing and hearing from Irie Reyna for a long time.

sick city eopoch 344
Buy Reyna’s “4EVA”

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