Many CNFTs tout their future utility as a reason to join their community.  Most CNFT pundits agree that NFTs with utility will be superior to PFP projects once the ecosystem goes full speed. MetaJet is already ahead of the curve.

MetaJet Utility NFT
MetaJet Utility NFT

While future utility is cool, MetaJet is minting its metaverse compliant Jet-Pack right now.  The difference between MetaJet and most other “utility” tokens is that you can actually use your Jet-Pack in at least one metaverse right now.

The MetaJet team has partnered with several other metaverses/game projects on the Cardano blockchain to make the Jet-Packs work in their metaverse as well. Here are the partnerships, so far:

These are projects that are still developing, so the utility can’t be realized yet.  Yet. They will be releasing more partnerships very soon, per project creator t₳d₳rtot, and I expect those partnerships to accelerate.

The artwork is well above-average in my opinion.  There is a lot of diversity In the tokens.  Even the common Jet-Packs I’ve seen look unique.  There was definitely not a cookie-cutter approach to artwork by MetaJet.

The project is growing its community as I write. They’ve surpassed 1k followers on Twitter, and they get moderately good interactions with their posts. They’re doing a good job of marketing the project.  I’m just surprised more people aren’t bullish on MetaJet.

There are much bigger projects in the ecosystem that have promised utility, yet have failed to deliver to date.  These guys have proven they can bring utility to projects, and as you can see in the video below, they can prove that it works.

I do believe that this CNFT will eventually rise into the upper echelon of CNFT utility projects if they can continue to develop their community and keep it going until their partner projects’ development catches up. When it does, I think this project is going to absolutely take off.  And by take off, I mean both figuratively and literally.. MetaJet is a diamond in the rough.

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