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First of all, I’m not going anywhere.


  1. The Subscription Token has been converted into a Lifetime Subscription token which will give exclusive access to content for holders
  2. We are pausing the production of the pdf magazine
  3. CNFT Magazine will focus more on new mints
  4. We will still cover the projects, people, and Businesses in the CNFT Realm

I started CNFT Magazine to 1) help educate myself about the Cardano NFT ecosystem, 2) maybe make some money and 3) to have a writing project to put my thoughts out to anyone who’d read them.

I have achieved all of those objectives and in the process learned more about what was important to me about this project.  I’d like to tell you what I’ve learned, and where we’re going moving forward.

I feel I’m a decent writer, and it’s something I like to do. This was originally going to be a regular blog-style website, but at some point, I was talked into minting a token. I’m the one that made the decision to do this.  I found someone to mint the token and decided on the subscription model, which would allow subscribers to get the token updated with the new issue each time one was released.  At one point, I also considered putting the token on sites like Tap Tools and Drip Dropz. Unfortunately, I could not get a token approved.

I can’t do many things well at once

When we had issues with updating the subscription token on time, I finally decided to take over that and try to learn to mint.  I minted issue 5 and thought I had that figured out as well.

I found myself writing less and instead spent too much time trying to get image use approvals, figuring out how to mint, and other things that are not really what I want to do.

So What Do I Want To Do?

I wanted to cover the people projects and businesses behind Cardano NFTs, and that’s still what I want to do  I don’t want to spend half of my time figuring out the artwork for a magazine or have to mint a new token every month.  I also want to develop a core of great writers that can help token holders realize value for the ADA they spend.

A New Way Forward

As of the release of this article, I have converted the current Season 1 Subscriber into a lifetime subscription token that will give current access to all the exclusive content we put up on the website for as long as I publish this website.

I have also made the decision to focus more on projects that have upcoming mints. We’ll be sharing our research, thoughts, pros, and cons of these projects, and we want to give you some time to DYOR before the project mints.  We’re still going to cover the people, projects, and businesses that make up the Cardano NFT community.

At this time we will no longer produce the pdf magazine. Instead, the subscription token will be an access token to see content before the general public

Moving forward the subscription token will be a Lifetime Subscription and will sell for 100 ADA. This token will also give you access to all the exclusive content we ever produce.

This new token will be limited by time and not by number.  I’m going to be working on a way to mint time-based tokens in the future, and when it’s ready the Lifetime Subscription token mint will be taken down.

What Abou People Who Don’t Buy The Token

You won’t have to hold the token to read most of our content, but in many cases, your access will be delayed without the site connected to a wallet that holds the token.  Since I have made a decision to focus more on new minting projects, it may mean the difference between reading a review 2 weeks before the mint compared to the day of the mint.

Thank You!

I’m appreciative of everyone who has supported this project in any way. Don’t worry, I’m still not going to accept compensation for writing an article.  We may accept NFTs or whitelists to give away to token holders, but it will never affect what we write or who we write about.

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