NFTs are taking over, and JPG Junkies is a project whose founders were making videos about Cardano NFTs before they were cool. You might know them as NFT Alpha’s Deezy and Justin Williams, and now that the broader crypto space is finally listening, they’ve created the perfect cNFT project to celebrate: The JPG Junkies.

Introducing: The JPG Junkies

JPG Junkies’ description on their store page says it all: 

“Are you willing to sell a Kidney for a JPG? Well you are in the right place.

The JPG Junkies captures the degen energy of NFTs like few projects have been able to. We all know that dopamine hit of buying a jpg that you think will moon, the FOMO when something pumps–especially when we didn’t buy or sell too early, and that all-too-familiar dream of purchasing Lambos with monkey pictures. 

The project minted on October 8th and was sold out within 3 days. Over 1,000 owners hold 5999 unique assets at the time of writing. After mint, the junkies pumped immediately into the JPG Store’s top 12, and then moved into a top 5 spot. At this point, people started to realize that maybe these junkies were all hopped up on something good. 

One Of Ones

Eleven 1 of 1 original pieces were minted and have received offers exceeding 4,000 ADA, with the biggest sale for Yoda topping out at just under 5k. 1 of 1s will have special utility, and right now the cheapest one for sale on the secondary market will cost you about 10k ADA. Clay Junkie, Junkie I am, Doctor Junkie, Chuckie Junkie, Fishbowl Junkie, Skeleton Junkie, Inevitable Junkie, Crystal Cook Junkie, Ghostriding Junkie, Cyborg Cowboy Junkie: it’s a vibe.


JPG Junkie art was created by Steven, the graphic designer for BitBoy crypto and Hit Network, and here’s his Twitter so you can follow it because the art is pretty dope. The Junkies template is a simple design with a triangular head and body, and an outstretched hand to hold whatever vice that particular junkie can’t get enough of. 

Variations in color and design include watery eyes, bees, monster and zombie skins, holographic-looking red outlines, and several different incarnations of teeth, hair, clothing, and unique features. 

JPG Junkies

Some fan favorite traits pulling in high prices on the secondary market are coin eyes, “master of death” clothing, a samurai ‘fit, an NFT juice gun, trippy-looking “acid skin” and of course, NFT syringes. Crowns have been garnering special interest on the secondary market, with Deezy asking in a tweet if someone knows something… ? 


That’s the thing about the JPG Junkies, there are going to be surprises and special utility announced for holding Junkies and NFTs with certain traits. Now that the project is 100% sold out, the Road Map has the Junkies at phase 2, and so far we’re learning utility will include merch, with IP from a wallet holding Cardano Bluechip NFTs being used to print one-of-a-kind merchandise for certain holders of Jpg Junkies. There are collaborations with BitBoy Crypto’s NFT project Pluto Alliance in the works, a token-gated website coming in the next month or so, and new utility announcements coming soon. This team gives their holders a ton of updates, so make sure to follow their Twitter.

JPG Junkies

In October, the Junkies were at cNFTcon in Las Vegas and Rare Bloom in Denver Colorado where Justin and Deezy were on the main stage discussing crypto and of course, the JPG Junkies. On heading home to their office in Georgia they tweeted “now the real work begins.”

So if you like the junkies as much as we do, their Twitter page tells you what to do next:

be sure to pawn your mom’s wedding ring to get some JPG Junkies.” ?

Stay hopped up on the good stuff, Cardano!