I was surprised at the number of great responses when I Tweeted this out. A lot of projects are doing everything right, but still seem to lack the exposure they deserve.  The holders and supporters of Mad Dog Car Club came out and showed their community strength with their replies to the Tweet. I’ve been aware of Mad Dog Car Club since before their mint, and the reactions made me want to reacquaint myself with MDCC.

When I began my research, I discovered that Mad Dog Car Club is releasing its 3rd mint on December 17, 2022.  This mint will reveal the MD Racers, who will act as drivers for the upcoming Racing Game MDCC is developing.

Basic Info: Mad Dog Car Club

The project minted its initial tokens on April 16, 2022. The 10,000 tokens in the project sold out quickly.  There were some problems with the mint, however, the team’s reaction to it gave me more confidence in MDCC.  They solved the problem and they have kept their community strong ever since

Mad Dog Car Club minted their second token on June 10, 2022, when they minted 6,000 race cars that will be used in the game. The race cars also sold out and now it seems they’re starting to put everything together to get ready for a game launch.

The Social Media stats are fairly impressive. They have almost 11k Twitter followers, They have 30k users on discord, but I’d honestly like to see more interaction.  They have a lot more interactions with fans on Twitter, so that may be the community-building strategy the team is using. MDCC also has a better Instagram community than other projects I’ve seen.

More On The MD Racers Mint

The team is surely working hard to get ready for the December 17 mint.  There will be 9,999 MD Racers minted and they will represent your identity within the ecosystem. Each MD Racer minted will cost 75 ADA.

There will be perks for holding multiple MD Racers, including air drops of upcoming car editions. I like when projects reward their biggest supporters with perks for new mints.

The previews of the MD Racers are really good. I like the art. The avatars are built for an easy 3D  render for the game or metaverse.  There seem to be a  lot of really cool traits that look badass.

The Path for Mad Dog Car Club Success?

Mad Dog Racing Track

I have an affinity for racing games.  When I saw that the game is being built on Unreal Engine 5, my lead foot started to tingle a little.  A special version for holders is set to test in late December, and the public version is set for a Q1 2023 launch.

I like what the team has done to develop the project. They’ve been working hard to make everything happen and they are very close to releasing a game to the masses.  If built well,  this game could be a hit.  After all, I’m sure I’m not the only one that loves racing games.

When it comes down to it, the Mad Dog Car Club racing game is the one single thing that can make or break the project. I have seen a few previews of what they have going on, and it looks really awesome.  The Galaxy car is absolutely amazing, and they have the right idea with upgrading color schemes. They are even going to be tying the Mad Dog traits to the car.

What About The MD Token?

The MD Token will be used in the video game.  There will be 21 million tokens minted, with a halving in the number of rewards every year.  MD Token is all about utility.  The ultimate goal is to make the game popular enough that non-MDCC holders will buy it to play the game. This is the kind of utility the Cardano ecosystem needs, in my opinion. The only real value of a token like this is in its use case.  With Racing being such a popular niche, the value of the token depends on the popularity of the game.

Final Thoughts On Mad Dog Car Club

This is a good project that could have great things in store.  A car club with a racing game is right on brand, and with a bunch of motorheads in the community, the Mad Dog Car Club has a chance to hit that checkered flag with a badass game that could be a part of changing the way gaming is played all over the world.

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