Metaplanes Boarding Pass

The Cardano Metaverse is coming. Okay, Lots of them are. It could take years for many of them to be finished.  When they get up and running, Metaplanes is betting you’ll be moving within (and maybe even between) virtual properties in one of their planes. And, they’ve just released their Generation 1.5 mint for their boarding passes that will earn you more $Miles tokens and an airdrop of the following mint.

I want to take more of a 40,000-foot review of the project as a whole, not just their latest mint.

The project has been building a community with solid results; they have over 3,000 Twitter followers and a few more on discord.  Interaction on social media is good, and they have a die-hard community on discord that is dedicated to the project’s success.  That bodes well for the project.

Metaplanes – G 1.5 Boarding Passes, as well as the original Metaplanes NFT boasts future utility in the Cardano ecosystem.  Their Airmap (roadmap) calls for a Play To Earn game, a utility within Cardano and on other chains, boutique plane mints, and a version 2 fighter plane set to be minted in quarter 3 of 2022.

metaplanes airmap
Metaplanes Airmap

Another sign that Metaplanes can do well is their collaborations.  The project has partnered with some of the top CNFT Projects, such as The Ape Society,  Disco Solaris, ADA Punks, Lazy Llamas, Cardano Crocs Club, Unbounded Earth, AdaLand, UglyBros, Very Important Dummies, Project 2090, and Lost Civz. Those are some hefty projects to be associated with.

With these collaborations, Metaplanes is in a good position to add utility to these projects’ metaverses, and others.

More On Metaplanes Utility

The added utility comes with the more rare planes and/or passes. For instance, a rare plane or Pass can carry more cargo than a common plane or Pass can. If you’re looking to do more, the rarer will do more. You’ll also be able to stake your plane for even more utility.


The utility will be through the $Miles token which will be air-dropped, used in the P2E game, and staking rewards.

The team is building an interactive site where holders will be able to redeem airdrops, stake their planes, and claim $Miles token rewards.

Holders will be able to use their $Miles tokens to upgrade planes. This will offer more utility in their favorite metaverse. Once the partnered metaverses are up and running, holders will be able to charge others for using the planes as well.

The team is also planning to build hangars on properties in partner metaverses where you can store your planes when not in use.

The Metaplanes team had a great idea for an NFT project. They’ve executed well and developed a good community that is ready to support the project. All these, combined with the network of collaborations they’ve built, Metaplanes are setting themselves up to be a major player in the Cardano metaverse.

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