To me, the best Cardano NFT projects are the ones that have the ability to keep their community activated, and the organization to use that activity to expand their holder base. One of those projects is Old Money, and they have a very forward-looking approach to what non-fungible tokens can be.

Old Money is a Cardano NFT project, whose main offering is a $0.2 dollar bill with artwork that contain blemishes that range from coffee stains to blood-spatter.  The 7500 bills with 27 traits that form unique bills.  The holders are called MFers, a colorful moniker that gives you an insight into their culture.

The language is sometimes expletive, but it’s always with the best intentions.  If you are an MFer, you are exactly who this project is aiming for.

Old Money Mocks The Dying Paper Money Fiat System

The artwork on its own is original and worth exploring.  It’s a unique take on NFTs, and their many traits make all the bills really look unique.

Old Money $0.2 Bill
Old Money $0.2 Bill

Old Money brilliantly shows the absurdity that has become not only our corrupt political systems but the money it runs on.  They have a news publication called The Inflation Times.  The team actively promotes propaganda on social media. They even run political campaigns with seedy candidates who will do what it takes to win.

Earlier this year, the community held an election between Hoodro Wilson, Horny Sandurz, and Richard Trixson. Candidates campaigned on issues like setting up more jails, and waterboarding.

Before you start thinking that this project is just an excuse for degens to raise hell, and cause a little trouble; rest assured, it is. That, however, is only part of the story

A Commentary On Our Absurd Society

When they get Old Money, holders join a community of people who know what is really going on.  More aware of our failing monetary and geo-political systems than most, MFers can come to the Old Money discord and banter with others who also get it.   It’s wild that the absurdity of the Yew Nork isn’t as far off as you may initially think. With Old Money, political corruption is open and obvious. I’m of the mindset that open and obvious corruption is much fairer than when it’s hidden behind closed doors.  Seems like politicians in the real world have adopted much of that approach.

Are campaign promises like setting up jails, and waterboarding preposterous?  Of course, it is.  However, if I challenged you to name 3 legislative or government proposals where you live that are preposterous, how long would it take you to list them?

The Team’s Vision Is A Bridge To The Future.

One of the most impressive parts of Old Money to me is how the team has developed supplemental assets that help keep holders interested. The elections, The Inflation Times, the propaganda, and other events keep the experiment interesting.  There seem to be things going on all the time.  After doing some research on just how much they have done, I’m beginning to wonder if they ever sleep.

On its surface, Old Money looks like a punk rock festival.  A deeper look shows that the project is a very professionally and effectively run endeavor. They can have an endless supply of elections and plots that political types love.  They’ve built the project with a serious sense of humor, and a base that will allow infinite growth.

If you want to be an MFer, you’re going to have a thick shell.  Their language is crass, but the interactions I’ve seen are overwhelmingly positive. Sure they give each other some grief from time to time, but isn’t that what real friends do?

How To Be A MFer With Old Money

If you decide you want to be an MFer, it likely starts with getting a $0.2 bill and joining the discord.  Maybe you can join the discord and check it out. Don’t blame me if you get sucked in.

Overall, this is a fun project with a great chance at success if the team at Old Money keeps doing what they are doing.


*Do your research and never take advice from a .jpg ape


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    Great summary Mfer, and thanks for inviting more white names to the fray 😉

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