• Project:  Possums Of Doom
  • QTY: 4,9999
  • Date: March 3, 2023

“Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine entered Didel. Before long, only six hundred and sixty-six would be left.” – Possums Of Doom

If you’ve ever encountered a possum, you know they’re not a marsupial you want beef with.  Growing up in the rural south, I’ve had more than one encounter with a possum; they’ve never been fun.

Possums Of Doom is an upcoming Cardano NFT project that will give playing possum a totally different meaning.

Possums Of Doom will be minting their debut collection of 4,999 gnarly possums on March 3, 2023.  To quote the team, “The project will be sold as a low mint cost, high royalty model.”

I wanted to take a look at the project, and hope you can use it as a small part of your DYOR (Do Your Own Research).  I’ll be looking at the following categories to help you better assess the project.  Those categories are Originality, The Team, Artwork, Lore/Backstory, Social Influence, Roadmap, and utility.

Are Possums Of Doom Original?

There are other projects that use a possum (or opossum) as a PFP, but none of them is anything like POD. From the artwork to the unique utility, there is no project on any blockchain like Possums Of Doom.

The POD Team


The project is made up of founder Deevil, Daddyshrek, Torhok, and Artemis.  The team is doxxed by the Block Investment Groups’ Doxxing Service.  POD gives each of the team’s titles on the website, however not much information is available at the time of this writing. They are doxxed, so BIG will release the identities of the founders to the authorities if fraud is committed.

Just because you don’t know who they are doesn’t mean they won’t be held responsible for a fraudulent rug pull.  Even a team that’s fully and openly doxxed could run off with your money, so always do your own due diligence.

The Artwork

A Possum Of Doom
A Possum Of Doom

I believe the artwork is a better-than-average cartoon animal PFP.  The samples laid out on the website show a good number of traits including 3 eyed possums, and an inverted cross that appears to be stuck in a possum’s head.  POD isn’t a pure artwork play, but it’s a good style for what they’re doing with the project.

The Possum Of Doom Lore

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where humans have disappeared. A large pack of possums is on the brink of starvation as they search for the Didel, the promised city.  What once was thousands of possums has been reduced to only 4,999.  As the official lore says: “Little did they know, something was waiting for them in the heart of the city.”

What they found was the devil himself.  They made a deal with Beelzebub which requires the sacrifice of a possum on each Peepock (epoch) in return for shelter, food, and drink.

The lore is sufficient for the project, it sets the scene. I have seen more than a few backstories that refer to the disappearance of humans.  That being said, I think it’s really the lore moving forward that’s going to tell the real story.

Social Influence

As of the writing of this article, Possums Of Doom has nearly 2k followers and there are over 300 in the discord.  The mint is still nearly a month out so, I’ll update this in a few weeks with updated numbers and commentary.

Utility Is Life And Death

The POD has taken an interesting approach to utility.  There will be 4,999 possums minted, and each will have metadata that indicates it is “alive”.

A Possum Of Doom
Another Possum Of Doom

Because of The Curse, 100 possums will be sacrificed each epoch.  Those chosen to give the ultimate sacrifice will have their metadata changed to “dead”.

After all but 100 possums have been destroyed, the sacrifice will change to 10 per epoch until there are only 11 possums of doom left.  The final 11 Possums will have an “exponential share of the massive prize pool!”

If you mint one of the ultra-rare possums (laser eyes), you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the final 222.

You can also trade 10 dead possums and a ticket to Didel (their O.G. Pass) for a guaranteed spot in the final 666, so you can basically buy back in if you get knocked out early

The final 10 Possums Of Doom will share 55% of the total mint ADA + 50% of the royalties throughout the curse, which will make the pot grow each epoch. The Dev and the rest of the Team will get 50% of the royalties as well.

Final Thoughts

This is a high-risk, high-reward play.  You could end up with rewards that total thousands of ADA, and you may end up with a dead possum.

Possums Of Doom is a very interesting concept and it sounds like a fun gamification of the projects. The artwork is solid and if executed, it could be the kind of project that will keep holders engaged for months.

Possums Of Doom:  Website | Twitter

A Possum Of Doom
A 3-eyed Possum Of Doom

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