“A Neanderthal teen (Rudy) and his best friend triceratops (Tops) who were orphaned at an early age, get into daily adventures during the Jurassic period with the help of a supernatural gem that was mysteriously entrusted to Rudy. They meet friends and foes on their epic journey while discovering their purpose.” – Rudy & Tops Website

Rudy & Tops is an upcoming Cardano NFT project that aims to fight the corporate comic media.  The team wants to give the power of comics to the people, and their first mint for Rudy, one of the main characters, mints on Friday, November, 11.

The Basics

Rudy & Tops is a comic, or graphic novel project that wants to take the power major players have and give the power to the people. Rudy and Tops are the two main characters of the series.  One interesting utility of the project is the development of the storyline.  Their website states “We will be focused on building a diverse community that has a passion for creative ownership”.

Rudy & Tops

Rudy & Tops – The Team

The team is run by Anthony Baez, who is also the artist for the Salty Seagulls Society.  Baez has a track record of working with at least 1 successful project. Note, having a doxxed team doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any major issues, but someone who’s seen how it works before starting their own project gives them a leg up.

The Lore and Story Line

The major storyline appears to be well organized, and a kid with a  triceratops friend is an interesting idea for a comic book.  The graphic novels seem to be aimed more toward children, which makes sense.  I do think there will be a good number of older collectors that may like the storyline and get on board when the books come out as well.

There are multiple clans, and the project will be introducing additional characters, such as Tops, friends, and even villains.

The Artwork

The art is good. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s professional, detailed, and in line with what I think the project is doing. The art has a 3-d look which will look good in a digital graphic novel


Here are some utility aspects of the project the team touts:

  • Possible future staking
  • Royalty payments
  • Digital pages of the comic book (depending on the amount of Rudies you hold)
  • Community decisions on plot twists, character names, and storylines.

The Socials

Twitter: 1.34k followers isn’t a ton, but I do think this is more of a niche project, so that doesn’t bother me as much as it would on some other projects. They do have fairly good interactions on there, so that’s a plus

Discord: 2300+ That’s not bad for a project that hasn’t minted or maybe just been given the coverage it deserves. It’s a bear market, and it’s tougher to find an audience now than it was even 2 or 3 months ago. Rudy & Tops have nearly 1,000 whitelist spots taken, so it looks like 20% of the run will be minted before it goes public.


**Reading stories at CNFT Magazine should be a part of your research, and should never be considered financial advice.


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