Smooth Yeti Mountain Club is a collection of 7500 Yeti PFPs, 100 VIP Passes, and parts that will eventually total 1000 Snowmobiles. This is definitely a community-centric project that has developed one of the best communities in the game.

Smoot yeti 3614 multicolor
Smoot Yeti #3614

In my opinion, the artwork is clean and of very good quality.  There is a good diversity in the NFTs, and includes traits like Virtual Reality glasses, Police uniforms, different colored Yetis, Wizards, and more.

There are many rewards and utilities in the Smooth Yeti Mountain Club. If you own a completed Snowmobile, there are rewards, and future utility related to a video game.  Each tier of Yeti and Snowmobile is given rewards based on rarity.

These rewards include air-drops (the rarer the Yeti or SMB (Snowmobile), the more airdrops you get).  For instance, if you own a Tier 1 Yeti or SMB on July 21st, you’ll get 3 airdrops of the Yetiverse. If you have a Tier 2 Yeti or SMB you’ll get 2 airdrops, and Tier 1s will get 1 airdrop on later days before public minting on July 24th.  These are great rewards for holders, but co-founders Pablo and Keeper, these perks are part of a plan that has resulted in loyalty from holders, and admiration from many other project developers

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club Is Hardcore

The team’s greatest accomplishment is their community. These guys are rabid about their Yetis. How many Twitter contests have you seen this community blow out of the water?  I’ve seen it a few times, myself. When a newbie comes into the Cardano space and asks for recommendations, you’re going to see a lot of Yetis.  The SYMC Twitter has over 11k followers with good interaction, but the real magic is in the project’s discord.  The Yetis in there are constantly posting Yeti-related memes and pumping each other up.  It’s the kind of community you want to see in an NFT project.

SYMC Marketing Is In A Class By Itself

I talked to project co-founder Keeper about the marketing of the project.  He told me “Our project is very community-focused and big on rewarding our members since day one.”  They have given back 300+ Yetis, and community contests are always happening. These are part of the reason that Smooth Yeti Mountain Club has been as successful

yeti 7198 zebra
Smooth Yeti #7198

as they have.  Since the beginning of the endeavor, the team has maintained that magical community-centered focus. And, with a combined 3.5 million in volume, it’s hard to argue with what they’re doing.

Keeper and Pablo’s early marketing set the standard and their work has influenced many subsequent project marketing.

The project is one of the first to use multi-signature transactions.  Their Snowmobile was a successful proof concept that was widely accepted as one of the better releases in the Cardano CNFT community.  With at least 3 more mints remaining in 2022 alone, their minting process has given holders a sense of security. I’m sure it’s a relief knowing that you don’t have to worry about bots and whales.  On their assigned mint day, they know the process will run smoothly, like magic.

The Minting Season Has Just Begun

Keeper told me that they would be releasing at least 3 more projects in 2022. That’s about 1 new mint every month and a half. The team and holders are going to be busy. As discussed they’ve got their land mint at the end of the month.  Then, they’ll be releasing Pets and 2 other unknown releases later in the year.  These new drops will only improve and build on the great base

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club

community that’s been built so far.  The best may indeed be yet to come.

Love them or hate them, you’ll be hearing all kinds of news on the Smooth Yeti Mountain Club for the rest of the year, and beyond.  And, it’s not magic.  It’s just a loyal base and a hard working team.  It doesn’t look like the Yetis are going anywhere, anytime soon, except maybe up and to the right.

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