When most CNFT collectors are asked about what the ecosystem’s blue chips are, more often than not, Spacebudz is at the top of the list.

It’s no wonder this OG Cardano project is mentioned. The project was minted way back in the Spring of 2021, one of the earliest NFTs on Cardano. That’s before there were smart contracts on Cardano’s blockchain

The Spacebudz team also built the first smart contract CNFT marketplaces where you can buy and sell your Spacebudz NFTs. They were the first 10k ADA NFT project.  The project created the Nami wallet, a wallet you’ve probably used to buy a CNFT (or 100) before.

Despite their many accomplishments, the Spacebudz team never published a roadmap or a white paper. Even without those, the project continues to outpace any other major CNFT project where it counts.  The artwork is good, and maybe even better than average, but it isn’t ground-breaking.  The question is, how do they do it?

The answer is an incredible community and a phenomenal team.  They have over 30,000 followers on Twitter, and their interaction rates are phenomenal.  There is no telling how many Discord users they have, and the interaction there is pretty good too.

Sure, Spacebudz has a sort of first-mover advantage. That being said, there were other projects that got in early as well. The difference is the community and the team. The team is one of the biggest reasons the CNFT community is what it has become. They are literally some of the founding fathers of the Cardano NFT universe. And they’re guided by some of the earliest investors in the room (I’m speaking of the holders), and by the looks of the gains on this project, they’re very savvy.

If I were to give any advice (nonfinancial, of course), to anyone wanting to start a CNFT project of their own, it would be this;  be a community-first project. This may not be a popular sentiment, but right now a community that supports your project is 100 times more important than really cool artwork. You need both, but success is built on the community.

Will a project with no roadmap, no whitepaper, and no master plan be able to remain on top of the CNFT mountain?  Only time will tell.  But with the community and project team that has done so much for the community, I wouldn’t bet against it.