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Goombles – Minting February 28, 2023

Project:  Goombles Date: TBA (Late February) Cost: $79 USD per Goomble Available Tokens:  5,000/1000 First Mint 5k Goombles:  Website |

Filthy Rich Horses
NFT Land PFP Projects Utility Projects

Filthy Rich Horses

  What’s better than being rich?  Being filthy rich. Filthy Rich Horses is a Cardano NFT project that includes 7,500

Yummi Universe
August 2022 - Issue 1 Free Content Gaming

Yummi Universe

Yummi Universe is a NFT Project that’s been around since April of 2022, and was one of the first 10k ADA CNFT project.

Cornucopias Land Sell out times
Free Content Gaming Metaverse NFT Land

Why Cornucopias ‘The Island’ Has Become The De Facto Cardano Metaverse

Last month, blockchain game developers Cornucopias sold their land in the biggest single sale of any week in CNFT history.  Millions of $ADA were spent to buy plots of land that ranged from small to large, to Cornucopia-sized lots.