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What’s A COTAS? What do they Do? Should I Get One? – Read This

COTAS stands for Citizens Of The Ape Society.  The latest collection minted by Cardano’s #1 project is a digital passport

Free Content Interviews November 2022 - Issue 3

Sanford Ford: Comedy, Chaos and Crudford

  We need more funny tweets.  There’s a lot of serious discussion on Twitter.  And though there are always things

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⚡️ CNFT Magazine’s Friday Twitter Buzz ⚡️

  It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Time to round up some of the week’s highlights on crypto

Editorial Free Content September/October 2022 - Issue 2

How Naming An NFT Is Leading To A Branding Revolution

  “Our names have given us the opportunity to transcend the digital realm. We are both an evolution and a

Thorpe Brown Your Reality Is A Construction Feature Image
Free Content Interviews September/October 2022 - Issue 2

Thorpe Brown – Your Reality Is A Construction

What is Reality? What are we living for?  Have you challenged your reality today?  These are all questions posed in

August 2022 - Issue 1 Editorial Free Content

From The Desk Of Clinton Brown

I am but a humble craftsman that builds furniture by day and runs this publication by candlelight.  This is the

metaplanes g15 minting now
August 2022 - Issue 1 CNFT Magazine Issues Metaverse PFP Projects Utility Projects

Metaplanes – G 1.5 Boarding Passes Minting Now

The Cardano Metaverse is coming. Okay, Lots of them are. It could take years for many of them to be

The Ape Society
August 2022 - Issue 1 Exclusive Subscription Content Gaming Metaverse NFT Land

The Ape Society and the Gamification Economy

The Ape Society, one of the top CNFT projects in the Cardano Ecosystem is known for its beautiful monkey PFPs