When Joshua Miller tweeted at us with the idea that we do a story about the Tails SPO Minting Service, I wasn’t sure it would be something I would want to do. However, since it was Miller, the Commercial NFT Business Lead for IOG, I figured he knew something that wasn’t already widely known in the CNFT Community.  I ran across the Tails SPO Minting Service a couple of times while in the course of pre-magazine business, and during research for articles in this publication as well.  But was there really a story there?

Tails SPO Minting Service

The service isn’t hosted on the best-looking website I’ve ever seen if I’m being honest.  But, my father, a master craftsman in his own right, told me never to judge a craftsman by his shop. With that advice in mind, I made the decision to see if there was some kind of story that could be told. A story that would benefit the CNFT community in some way.

Well, what a story Fred Tarasevicius had to tell. It’s a story that traverses the history of the Cardano NFT timeline.  Fred is a trailblazer in the CNFT realm.  He’s an Artisan that has, in no small part, helped to shape the CNFT world we live in today.

Fred started the Tails SPO Minting Service on March 1st, 2021 to promote his family’s newly formed Cardanos Stake Pool Organization (SPO).  If that date rings as a significant date, it’s because that was the same day that Allesandro minted his Berry NFT token.

He Started Minting At The Beginning Of It All

At the time, remember there were no smart contracts. Figuring out how to mint a CNFT was something only the programmers could figure out.  For Fred to use that knowledge to build a tool that would allow projects like Yummi Universe, CypherKicks, and many others to use an automated service to mint their NFT projects is incredible.  Fred wasn’t trying to make history, he just wanted to help delegators to his family’s stake pool get in on the NFT Gold Rush.

I was lucky enough to talk Fred into telling me his story, so I could share it with you.

Day 1: March 1st 2021 – Mary Hard Fork – our stake pool was only a few days old. We ran a promotion offering to help people mint tokens. We received a lot of responses. After a few days I put together a website that would let people send in their request and our node would mint their token automatically.

-Fred Tails, SPO Minting Service

Fred has been developing web applications for more than 25 years.  He had the programming knowledge to help delegators mint NFTs.

He told me “I’ve been developing web applications on the side as part of my job for +25 years. I’m a self-taught programmer. The internet allowed me to teach myself by reading examples from websites like planet source code.”  This service allowed projects that didn’t have the programming skills the opportunity to display their artwork on the blockchain.

April 3, 2021 – the NFT 721 metadata standard was released and we updated our token minting tool to support both tokens and NFTs.

Fred said that “TheRoninverse was using our tool and approached us about automating the sales process of the NFTs. At the time people were selling manually using Daedalus and Discord.”

He built a team and created an outline of what the project requested, and sent it to a developer to build with a set deadline of 4 weeks. Unfortunately, with 5 days to go, he discovered that the team had never started work on the project.

Tails SPO Minting Service
Tails SPO Minting Service

That did not deter him though. He said that “within 3 days I had a working system and the client had a very successful sale.” People noticed.  “We started working with new clients like Hogsters, Mr. Intangible, Yummi Universe, Mipa Toys, CypherKicks, Kaizen Crypto, and many others. Our approach was to offer a white label customized minting sale for each client.”

As The Service Developed, Fred Started Customizing His Process

After a few months of hosting sales, Tails SPO Minting Service started offering NFTs that accepted native tokens as currency. He said that “This opened the door to specialized communities that revolved around their tokens. This led to us offering token faucets as a service.”

Through All this, the service has developed a reputation for making the minting process easy, and more importantly personalized.

He gave me an example of the time CypherKicks made a fairly large request.  They wanted Fred to air-drop “5,000 NFTs to people who held NFTs from previous sales. The NFTs we dropped all had the same image. A few weeks later we updated them by minting and burning another copy with new metadata – revealing the characters.”

There are many minting services that offer a cookie-cutter, one project fits all product.  What sets Fred and the Tails SPO service apart is the service part. He said that they’ve “created a system that would allow the client to purchase individual layers and my code would regenerate the image with the new layer – pin the image to ipfs, then mint and burn the NFT to update it with the new image and replace the attributes – automatically.”

Fred’s Focus On The Future

The last thing Fred talked about was his focus on the future.  He wants Tails SPO Minting Service to “continue building with our clients like StripperCoin and SickCity on the music scene – we have been working hard to build something for the music industry to be able to take advantage of the sales and royalties that Cardano makes available.”

“With so many minting services available today the future for us is to focus on native tokens and our ability to offer specialized sales to clients. We recently started offering on-chain minting and have had some great success with CatsOnChain and Mosie-Marks.”

To Fred, the biggest rewards are working with his clients to launch or enhance their Cardano native projects.  He said, “I work with some of the best people; I get requests about minting on other chains and at the end of the day I really love Cardano and the people make it what it is.”

The Tails SPO Minting Service is exactly the kind of story I want to cover here at CNFT Magazine. And Fred is the kind of person I want to highlight. It’s the story of a hard worker dedicated to helping his micro (SPO delegators) and macro (The Entire CNFT ecosystem) community do what once only people like him could do. Mint NFTs.

Fred has built a service that is obviously about more than just the money.  He offers a personalized service that makes the entire CNFT world a better, more customized place.

Tails is an SPO that has a token named TAILS too – You can find them at TapTools and claim some today!

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