The Ape Society, one of the top CNFT projects in the Cardano Ecosystem is known for its beautiful monkey PFPs and their unique style of brush-stroked subjects.  These Apes are also well-known as the first project that gives rarity based on family name; Family names with fewer members are generally rarer than those with more family members.  Though much has been made of these aspects, the project has already begun to build, both literally and figuratively a utility I think is unique in the crypto-verse.

Society Token
The $Society Token

In April 2022, The Society began to air-drop $Society Token to holders in a process that lasted 10 epochs (25 days), with a bonus on the last drop to those who held their Apes during the entire air-drop time period.

In the same month, the community also minted Cabin NFTs, which have their own rarity. Cabin Rarity is based on both size and location.  While we’ve yet to know all the details as to how the Cabin location aspect will come into play, the map gives us some insight into what areas may be the most popular. The bigger Cabins, Chateaus (1,000 Supply) are much rarer than the common cottage (6,000 Supply).

The Chateau Cabin
The Chateau Cabin

The Cabins are going to be used predominately as a place to house frames, the device that allows holders to stake their Apes (or other CNFTs) to get more $Society.  These frames can only be purchased with $Society.

How The Ape Society Economy Will Work

Here’s where the real genius comes into play

The most common Apes, called craftsmen, will also be allowed to mint NFTs that will decorate the Cabins, and only they can do so.  From chairs and Chatchkis to things like pool tables, only craftsmen can craft them. The Craftsmen can then sell these NFTs on the Ape market for, you guessed it, $Society.

There are more intricacies involved, but the important thing is that you can probably see what’s going on; The Ape Society is building its own financial system, one that can benefit any ape;  It’s a 100% gamified Economy.  While many projects talk about utility, the poster ape for recreating fine art in the NFT ecosystem also has the most unique take on Utility in the market.

You need $Society to purchase goods and services for your Cabins. There are multiple possible income streams, and there will be plenty of goods to buy. The prices will be determined by both the supply and demand for the good or service.

Any upstanding member of society wants to be a part of the community, entertain their friends, and maybe even make money doing it. And while the more rare Apes will get more tokens from staking than common Apes will, a hard-working Craftsman can possibly make more money than a Noble can. They can even build their own empire with multiple Apes, and multiple Cabins, and build access to the resources that will give them the same accouterments as the Nobile Ape can have.

To say that The Ape Society is more than just a pretty picture. It’s an economy where some are already wealthy, yet others can become wealthy with hard work.

The Ape Society isn’t just another PFP. It’s much more than that.  It’s a metaphor for the damned American Dream.

Ape Cabin Land Heatmap
Ape Cabin Land Heatmap