I love how the Cardano music scene is coming together. 13 artists from The Listening Room have teamed up with Sick City and Fre5h Music to release the collective’s first mixtape.  The stated goal of The Listening Room is to be “A global collaboration hub onboarding and educating musicians in the Web3 space.”  This is their first big push to meet that goal, and I think it will be an overwhelming success.

Here’s the track-listing:

  1. SchhhArt “Today”
  2. OddShapeShadow “Dawn Trips”
  3. JUSTSAYREX “Location”
  4. Capricons “Yes Such Things Are Done”
  5. Oracle “You Can’t Stop Me”
  6. Matt Dymend “Run Away”
  7. The Holy Binns “Oasis”
  8. JUSE “Dark Fantacy”
  9. Andrew Donovan “COVID Beat”
  10. Krime Fyter “YCCM”
  11. DSQISE “Lofi Balogna”
  12. W.E.S.T. “Hold Me Down”
  13. Memellionaires “Crypto Cowboy”

Buy The Listening Room Mixtape Volume 1 here

It’s a very eclectic set of songs that’s as diverse as a collection you’ll find anywhere. It ranges from Schhhart’s reggae to Capricorns melodic tones to W.E.S.T.’s R&B, and Memellionaires Rocking “Crypto Cowboy”. No matter what your taste in music the LR Mixtape Volume 1 has it covered.

I liked each song on its own merit, but I did want to highlight what I think are the stand-out performances.

  • DSQISE’s “Lofi Balogna” is a jazzy instrumental that you can put on repeat and hear something different every time it plays.
  • Krime Fyter’s “YCCM” reminds me of those old Miami Bass Machine mixtapes my friends and I would trade way (way) back in the day.
  • Every time I hear a new Matt Dymend song, I’m more impressed than I was before. “Run Away” is another perfect performance. He takes a sick beat and absolutely kills it on the lyrics, flow, and delivery.

Everybody is going to have their own favorites and there’s not a bad song on the whole mixtape. Like any music, it all comes down to the listener’s preferences on what they like.

The main takeaway I got from The Listening Room Mixtape Volume 1 is that there is a booming influx of talent coming into the Cardano ecosystem. I’ve watched everybody involved promote each other, and even though the music is vastly different, all the artists are here for the same reason. To make the music they love while taking control of their own career.

I hope that this is the first of many LR mixtapes.

Buy the Listening Room Mixtape Volume 1 Here

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