What is Reality? What are we living for?  Have you challenged your reality today?  These are all questions posed in the debut book from The Ape Society’s own Thorpe Brown, Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life.

The book’s purpose is to help you challenge your reality, and Brown has laid out a year’s worth of daily reflections that assist you in doing just that.

Upon reading this, your first instinct may be to question the seriousness of a book challenging physical existence written by an Ape, however, this would be a mistake.  This is an absolutely serious book about taking a hard look at your reality, written by an absolutely serious Ape.

Get To Know Thorpe Brown

Thorpe Brown has to be one of the most educated Apes in the entire society.  Thorpe is an Oxford-educated professor, currently working at a Norwegian University.  He describes his work as being “at the intersection between Psychology, Marketing, and Human-Computer Interaction, and focuses on understanding, and capitalizing on, our multisensory experiences and their guiding principles”

Currently, Thorpe Brown is an Associate Professor in Norway, where he works on multisensory experiences.

Originally from Colombia, Brown has lived all over the world. Although much of his work experience is as a professor at the university level, he has a wealth of experience consulting in the private sector as well.

Brown loves nature, abstract art, experimental music (e.g., progressive rock/metal), playing guitar, and stargazing. He’s also a fan of Korean Barbeque and Japanese whisky, and he has a cat named Juno.

When Did You Last Challenge Your Reality?

In Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life, Thorpe Brown forces one to questions like “Why is my reality the way it is?” and “What is all this we call ‘the experience of life’ about?”

Thorpe Brown
Thorpe Brown at a the Lincoln-Douglas Debate

The idea of challenging what reality is, and the thought of deconstructing it seems overwhelming at first.  However, Brown manages to keep the information interesting without coming off as disparaging, or overly complex.

Since reality is a complex idea to wrap one’s head around, Brown has developed many methods to illustrate its construction. The best example is the “Thorpe Meter”.  The tool is a scale that allows readers to rate how strongly they have questioned reality on a given day.  Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life is also accompanied by several illustrations that help the reader challenge the reality of everything.

The Construction Of Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life

The book is divided into Epochs, instead of chapters.  According to Brown, each “resembles the stages of an existential crisis of the author.” These Epochs are:

  • Epoch I: Questioning / deconstructing everything
  • Epoch II: Waking up
  • Epoch III: Re-constructing reality / making a statement in the world
  • Epoch IV: Living life to the fullest

Brown suggests you can imbibe the information in one of two ways.  You can read the information from cover to cover, reflecting on 365 separate lessons.

The other recommendation is to close your eyes and “pick a page at random whenever you want a new reflection.

I had a chance to read a sample of the book.  The way it’s set up helps to underscore how heavy the topic is.  It’s something that can, depending on the reader, be injected into one reading, or it can give you a new way to challenge your reality every day of the year.

Why You Should Read This Book

Why would you not want to learn more about challenging your reality? Reality is the most important thing you could possibly challenge.  Without your reality, none of your other problems exist.  Though I admit reality wasn’t something I have regularly worried about, now it’s becoming part of what I try to do every day.

Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life isn’t recreational reading.  The book is, in a way, a book that aims to help you deal with the world in front of you.  Once you deconstruct what your reality is, other challenges in your life seem less important.  Your Reality Is A Construction has already helped me put many things into perspective.  Reading the book is, by no means, a fix-all solution to all your problems. What it is though, is a tool that you can use every day to bring perspective to your life.

What the newest effort from Thorpe Brown does for each person will be different. Of course, some may take the book more seriously than others.  It is, however more than just the first book published by a member of The Ape Society. In my opinion, Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life, is a book you need to read.

Your Reality Is A Construction, An Ape’s Guide To The Meaningful Life will be available on Book.io in September, 2022

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