Unphased Hive

  • Project Name: Unphased
  • Available NFTs: 5,555
  • Mint Date: March 15, 2023
  • Price: TBA

Unphased is an upcoming  Cardano NFT Project that says it’s “A community of post-apocalyptic waste walkers, moisturized and thriving in their lane on the Cardano blockchain”.

There is something mysterious about Unphased.  Maybe it’s a delay in releasing the utility until after the mint. Maybe it’s those post-apocalyptic PFPs that are really beautifully done.

Here’s a look at my research; I hope you can use this as a very tiny part of your DYOR.  I want to break my research into 5 sections.  They are The Team, Project Originality, Artwork, Lore, Social Influence, and Utility.

The Team

The Unphased team is doxxed with bearmarket.io, and the artist, Jesse Onyina, is a rising star on Instagram.

These guys have already formed a lot of partnerships offering to team up with whitelists


All we have to go on at the time of this writing is the lore and the sample artwork.  Based on this, I’d say the project is fairly unique. I’ve seen projects in this style before, but I do think the artwork on this particular version stands out.

Unphased Artwork

The sneak peeks I’ve seen are very good. I really like Onyina’s perspective on the post-apocalyptic style.  I’ve seen some 3d renders that show 3d versions of the PFP walking around, which may be a hint of future utility.

There are echos of previous projects I’d looked at in the past several months, but I’d say from what I’ve seen, I would have no trouble telling Unphased apart from the others, and it is my personal favorite work on this style of design

The Lore of Unphased

Unphased Artwork Sneak Peek
Unphased Artwork Sneak Peek

According to the project, the story takes place in a dystopian future that is a harsh and unforgiving environment where people have devolved into scavengers and marauders.

In an effort to save civilization, and maybe even humanity 5 clans team up to build a new garden of Eden-style paradise within a secret fortress. Each clan has its own special abilities, which may be another hint of a possible utility. The FIve clans are:

  1. Men: These guys are masters of physical battle
  2. The Nocturne: ghouls that are native to the shadows. They have E.S.P.
  3. hive.net: An AI hive mind that has developed emotion and has no appetite for war
  4. The Acacia: Afflicted with involuntary premonitions and capable of woodland magic
  5. The Chosen: They have divine luck and endless financial means.

We will have to wait to see what all this means for a little bit longer.

Social Influence

Unphased has a quickly growing fanbase on social media.  They have over 3,100 Twitter followers as of this writing, and a little more than 3.5k users on discord.  These are really good numbers for a project still a month out on minting.  What’s more, the interaction is phenomenal.  I see many Twitter posts showing between 2-5k views and there is a lot of interaction in comments and retweets. I notice the same thing on discord. On the social media front, Unphased is solid.

Is There Any Utility?

Unphased Artwork Sneak Peek
Unphased Artwork Sneak Peek

The short answer appears to be yes; at some point. There have been some hints at the utility, but there’s nothing public yet.  With art this good, and the following they’re building, it would be a shame to have little or no utility. I, however, do not think this will be the case. I’ve laid out a few hints in this article that there will be some utility, but we won’t know until we know what it will be.

I did contact the team to see if I could get some alpha, and CBF told me “can confirm, our roadmap v2 releasing post mint will be the next of many roadmap phases, and will contain our utilities and expansion plans”


To me, there is a bit of a gamble with Uphased simply because of the classified utility connected to the project. Not showing your full hand may be a good strategy for this project.  That being said, I’d expect some pretty damned good utility from this project if I’m minting

The team has brought in a great artist who’s producing, good work, and a large team that should help with organization.  They have seemed to figure out any social media hurdles, and they have a growing following that is engaged even over a month before the project’s first mint.

I hope this article, along with many other additional DYOR sources has helped you with your decision on whether to mint this project are not.  It’s only a decision you can make, and it’s a decision that should be well-researched before making.

Unphased:  Website | Twitter

** Clinton Brown or CNFT Magazine received no compensation for writing this article.  We did work with the project to ensure accuracy, but the information in this article should not be used as your sole research on this project.

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