Some of you may have been around this space since the NFT’s inception, and some may be relatively new.  Regardless of your experience, there may be a perspective shift coming sooner than you think for Non Fungible Tokens.

The CNFT community is quite divided.  Within this ecosystem, there are many “camps” filled with people who have opinions on what NFTs should be, and what “should” make up its value.  From art to metaverse, to .jpg animal-human hybrids (Social PFP CNFTs), each camp has its own perspective.

Three Examples Of How  Cardano Is Changing The Face Of NFTs

We will soon see a massive change in the Cardano NFT landscape. This change will make NFTs look unrecognizable compared to today’s version. I’m sure you’re aware of how quickly the landscape of NFTs has already changed, but these changes could be much bigger than you may think.

We’ll see things like community collections.  We could see NFT projects running like Fortune 500 companies, and even NFTs inside NFTs.

These changes will be hastened by three different developments that we’ll see in the near future.

These three major upgrades to be aware of are:

  1. Lucid
  2. Vasil Hardfork
  3. Agora

Here is the TDLR version of each:

The Lucid Library

Lucid is a library Alessandro (the creator of Spacebudz, Nami Wallet, and much more) has been working on.  Using Lucid, he created basically the first community collection for CNFTs as seen in his tweet below.

I released a few months ago an NFT contract, where you can release a series of NFTs without time constraints and have the option to burn these NFTs at any point (similar to the ERC-721). Yet the time locking policy is pretty much the only policy being used.

— Alessandro | BERRY (@berry_ales) May 6, 2022

This community collection allows any Spacebudz holder to mint whatever NFT they want as part of a capped 10 k collection, and tokens can only be minted by Spacebudz holders.

Any Spacebudz holder can mint as many CNFTs as they want, but the collection can not exceed 10k individual NFTs.  There is also an easy way for holders to burn any of the NFTs from that collection they own; Imagine minting a sub-collection of NFTs within an NFT,s project community collection!

This NFT Community project, however, is just a preview of things the Lucid Library will be capable of doing.  The library will be full of architectural shifts in the allowance for more utility.  To me, this tech will fundamentally be the most important tech for CNFTs.  Project leads need to be hyper-aware of this, and ponder what they can do with it that fits their unique project and community!

The Vasil Hardfork Is Going To Change Everything.

The upcoming Vasil hard-fork will include some scaling upgrades, some things that will make bringing NFTs to and from Cardano a reality, and more data availability.  I think that NFTs will eventually be software control panels or “keys” that access millions of iterations of effects and utility based on the time, place, and triggering event.  Vasil also makes CNFTs more dynamic because of things we are just beginning to explore. like off-chain data that trigger actions in NFTs.

The Agora Infrastructure

Agora is a digital infrastructure enabling more highly efficient governance and community building with NFTs.  As Cardano NFTs do more,  we will see communities wanting to democratize a project’s decisions, through things like voting and representatives.  The Agora infrastructure will make improvements to what DAOs can do, and how they’re set up.

There is a tremendous amount of talent being leveraged to work on Agora, and it is a huge focus for DAOs and Defi protocols that want to become DAOs.

Agora is adding tons of people that will allow them to streamline governing projects as well as allow anyone to send multiple transactions from a multi-signature wallet to potentially 5000 or more wallets, all with different unique roles and abilities automated.

The Future Of Cardano NFTs Is Beginning Now

The Vasil Hard Fork, the Lucid Library, and Agora will change everything we know about what can be done with NFTs. They will also usher in benefits for the community that holds them.  Lucid and Vasil will add more dimensions and tools to NFTs, while Agora will optimize their governance.

Lucid and Vasil will add more dimensions and tools to NFTs and Agora will optimize governance.

Vasil is like if you were doing all your financial accounting with pen and paper and then you discovered quick books. Lucid feels as if you suddenly woke up in a world where magic existed, and you could learn magic and do things that you could never do in a magicless world. When you combine these upgrades with Agora’s potential improvement to DAOs and beyond, we’re about to see a significant enhancement to what Cardano NFTs can do.

That is where the puck is going but what the players on the ice will do with the puck waits to be seen however we know for certain the game is about to change in a big way.

special thanks to TCT from ADAO in my research” – JCrypto