The Island Awaits

Last month, blockchain game developers Cornucopias sold their land in the biggest single sale of any week in CNFT history.  Millions of $ADA were spent to buy plots of land that ranged from small to large, to Cornucopia-sized lots.

Mints sold out in minutes, sometimes faster than potential buyers could even navigate the buy screen.  While many were unsuccessfully trying to mint the larger plots, others were buying up parcels that fell below the mint price at a face-numbing pace.

Two of Corunucopias’ co-founders, Robert Greig and Josh Jones are the public face of the project, and they’ve shown themselves to be master promoters of the project. They host a regular youtube show on the Cornucopias Youtube channel where they discuss the project with thousands of views.

The main reason that the project has gained so much speed in the past few months is that the game just looks plain fun.  This is no Axie-Infinity; my kids, who had no interest in the latter project are absolutely stoked about ‘The Island”.  They aren’t the only ones.  The graphics are impressive, and the NFTs that they’ve released to support the game is magnificent.  A flying car and motorcycle, some “NFTrees” and the land show a project that refuses to sit back and watch its success.  They are always grinding to gain awareness and improve the project.

uncommon Javelin
uncommon Javelin
Even 3 months ago, Pavia was the bell of the Cardano Metaverse ball.  Pundits pontificated on how it was the “official” metaverse of Cardano.  While Pavia has been relatively quiet over the past few months, you can’t say the same about Cornucopias.  They are absolutely on fire

Metaverse is a loaded word, and I don’t think in the end that Pavia and Cornucopias will be major competitors (they will kind of do different things), but there’s no doubt the narrative has changed.

Who knows what will happen and any of the major metaverse projects are still at least months away from fruition.  Honestly, most of the projects will fail, that’s just the sad truth.  I’d hate to be forced to forecast which ones will make it, but I’d be surprised in 1 year if ‘The Island’ isn’t near the top of the metaverse in 2024.

“The Island Awaits” is the game’s tagline, but now it’s the Cardano Community that is awaiting gameplay in the Cornucopias metaverse.

Cornucopias Founders On Copi Cafe
Cornucopias Founders On Copi Cafe
Cornucopias Land Sell out times
Cornucopias Land Sell-out times