When I think about “utility projects”, one of the first names that come to mind is Wild Tangz.  The Tangz have taken the word utility to a whole new level. We’re not talking about staking NFTs for a token or a forthcoming metaverse, but rather real utility, right now, the likes of which I’ve never seen in any NFT project before

Wild Tangz is a collection of 4,444 tokens using orangutans as the artwork.  I like the art. Thaddeus, the project co-founder (along with Spex) and developer, sketched the Tangz. He told me “I am also a sketch artist so I did all the artwork in May (100 or so traits on my iPad)”.

Wild Tangz

These Tangz Open Up Serious Tools

Here’s a list of “Tang Tools” currently available for use by holders:

  • Token Burn Tool
  • A Minting Tool (1-of-1s)
  • Mobile Apps for android and IOS
  • An NFT Bulk Listing Tool
  • An NFT Sweeping Tool (chrome extension)
  • NFT Vending Machine
In addition to the tools above, you can also vote on the direction of the project.  On their website’s voting section, holders have the chance to vote on things like changing the name of a trait in the metadata.  Giving this tool to the community tells me they really value the input of their holders, and that’s part of the secret of the success they’ve had, in my opinion.
Wild Tangz Utility Chart
Wild Tangz Utility Chart
Let’s dig a little deeper into the bullet points listed above

Token Burning Tool

If you’re a holder and have your own NFT project,  you can burn tokens with the Burning service.  The service works by burning the token in the browser, which keeps it off the Wild Tangz server.  Whether you want to burn tokens because of errors or you’re using a deflationary strategy, these tools make it easy.

Minting Tool

If you are a holder that wants to mint NFTs, you can use this tool to mint the tokens. What makes this tool so great is that you don’t have to know how to use the command line to build.  The user interface is easy to work through, and I minted an NFT within minutes after getting everything set up.

Mobile Apps

Wild Tangz’s mobile app allows you to have a better viewing experience of your NFTs on your mobile device. My experience was on an android phone, and I set up a widget that shows my NFTs in a view that rotates every 30 seconds.
If you own at least  3 Wild Tangz tokens (or a Bafoonery by Wild Tangz NFT), you can also add a portfolio tracker widget that will update your portfolio values on your phone.
If you have an android phone, you’ll see that the application has declared that they do not collect data on its users.  I’m not sure how that works on other platforms, but I give this team a lot of credit for doing this.

NFT Bulk Listing (And Delisting) Service

This is a tool that allows Tangz to list multiple NFTs at one time.  Thaddeus told me he thought this was the most overlooked tool of the project.  He said, “it came out the most recently, but in terms of a speed-up it’s a game-changer… I listed 30 NFTs all at different prices the other day and it took like, 20 minutes (end-to-end)”.  If you want to list (or delist) a large number of tokens, this tool will definitely speed up the process.

The NFT Sweeper Tool

If you hold at least 2 Wild Tang tokens (or a Bafoonery by Wild Tangz token) you’ll have access to use the chrome extension that allows you to sweep NFTs from multiple marketplaces, traits, and policy.  This tool is custom-built in order to allow people who may not have the money for a more expensive sniping service to use their Tang to do the job.  I can imagine how complex this tool was to build. This a much more intensive build than just a user-friendly minter.  It’s very impressive

NFT Vending Machine

Another great minting-related tool, the NFT Vending machine helps someone sell the NFTs they created with a connection to an automated way to allow purchases. The vending machines make the minting process appear more professional, and keep the creator from having to deal with the actual transaction. The script handles that and does all the work, while the creator gets the ADA sent to their wallet automatically.

How A Market Crash Made Wild Tangz What It Is Now.

The team was founded by Thaddeus and Spex.  I talked to Thaddeus, who told me “I started working on Cardano in other dev stuff” and Spex “got me into it since I knew Haskell from my undergrad (I studied with one of the language’s founders)”.
Wild Tangz co-Founder Spex
The two started making their way through the ecosystem and “as we continued exploring Cardano we thought about doing an NFT project”.  It was just before the project mint that the larger Cardano NFT market tanked, leaving the team temporarily in limbo.  He told me that after the “market crashed, shit went sideways, and we scrambled…. so then my strategy was to sell as I would doxx and provide day 1 utility.  that’s how the 1-of-1 minter was born just before we minted June 15th”.

The Wild Tanz Community

Especially with a utility project, I like to look at how active the community is when I’m researching for an article. The Tangz Community is a fun-loving community that is engaged and cordial.  I’ve seen great memes in their discord that are hilarious.
Here’s the interesting thing to me about the community. I felt like this project would attract a certain kind of person to the ecosystem.  I expected to see the discord full of support questions, but that was far from what I encountered.  It was a real community with people coming in actually being a part of the group, hanging out, and shooting the proverbial bull.
I think that Thaddeus and his team have done a great job at building intuitive tools that have sufficient instructions built-in, which results in fewer questions and problems.

Final Thoughts On Wild Tangz

Wild Tangz has the most rounded utility I’ve seen in a project.  This token gives access to people who want to do a multitude of things, and I have a feeling we will see more utility in the future.  The tools are easy to use and they do have dedicated support if you run into issues. I’ve seen somewhere that Wind Tangz is the Microsoft Office of web3, and I think whoever said that might be on to something.
Wild Tangz Co-Founder Thaddeus

Disclosure: During the research for this article, Clinton Brown purchased a Wild Tangz token from the jpg.store.  As I am a .jpg Ape, it would be ridiculous to construe anything I say as financial advice. Clinton Brown recommends using this publication as a small part of your research regimen.

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