Sometimes, you see a piece of art that changes your perception of what art could be. It might be just a hint of something obscure,  or maybe it’s something that’s not there that you notice.  Whatever it is, it happens in an instant. Once you spot it,  you can’t take your eyes off it.  It elicits immediate feelings, which may be bad or good.

That’s what Mekanism, the debut PFP from the Wren Ellis lead project Over Exposed, did for me.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the previews the OE team dropped, and I knew I wanted a Mekanism immediately.

He Got A Copy Of The Beatles Rubber Soul When He Was Eight.

Wren Ellis developed a love for art at a fairly early age. He was already showing a talent for the drums at eight, and because of the budding acuity he showed for music, his father introduced him to The Beatles.  Wren said of receiving the Rubber Soul album, “until then, I don’t think I knew how powerful a feeling – from music or any art – could be.”

Once he figured out how music could change the way you feel, he knew he wanted to create those emotions too.  He said, “From those early days onward, using feeling to make others use their feelings is what I was put on this Earth to do.”

Mixing Music With Film Was The Next Step For Ellis

With a love of music and an obvious eye (and ear) for art, it’s no surprise that Ellis found his way into filming music videos.  Wren told me “in high school, amidst playing music, I fell in love with the art of making music videos. So much so, that I decided it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. “

Ellis learned the craft of making music videos while in high school, and he knew he wanted to take what he had already learned to a school that could refine his skills. Instead of going to film school, Ellis decided to take a non-traditional path toward his film career: He decided to go to music school.

Wren told me he “looked into many film schools across the nation, but had this feeling that if I went to film school, I would be casting aside my first passion: music.”

How College Provided A Wren Ellis A Unique Education

Ellis attended Berklee School Of Music in Boston, a prestigious music school that is internationally respected.  He agreed that the decision to attend Berklee was interesting. “Music school was a funny choice, indeed.”

He continued: “So I thought up the notion of going to a music school instead – where there’d be a plethora of bands that needed music video services – with little to no one being able to provide them. So I applied, got in, and started shooting.”

It wasn’t long until his investment in learning the trade started paying dividends. With Ellis being on the right side of the supply/demand chart while at Berklee, there were no shortages of projects to work on. He said, “I was lucky. I ended up gaining an enormous amount of experience by just “doing it” that I almost felt more fulfilled than having gone to a film school.”

In retrospect, going to music school to enhance his video-making skills is genius. It was a risky investment, for sure.  But considering where Ellis is now, it’s obvious that his investment in education has gone to the moon.

Speaking Of Where He Is Now

Where Wren Ellis is now, is the lead for one of the most successful NFT projects on Cardano. It’s taken over a decade for Ellis to hone the skills that got him ready for Over Exposed.

He began his journey into 3d modeling around 2010 while at Berklee, where he began to run simple simulations. In the beginning, he was “primarily, making large structures of tens of thousands of cubes and knocking it over to witness the interesting physics that ensues.”  Over time, however, his simulations became more complex.

Finally, in 2021, it all came together when a roommate told him about NFTs. “I immediately jumped in.”

He told me “At first, my home was Eth. I made looping 1/1s and cast them out into the mighty sea of other great artists in that world. I had a few sales here and there, but never reached the level I dreamed of.”  He kept creating, and eventually, the right person saw his work, and the rest is Over Exposed history.

Exposing Over Exposed

Ellis recounts the day he knew changed the trajectory of his career.  “One day, I posted one of these pieces to Twitter and it was noticed by a big collector personality and legend in the space, FourFiveJeff. “He gracefully brought me into the cNFT space and the rest is history. This has been home ever since.”

Serendipity struck again when Wren Ellis met FourFiveJeff. With Jeff’s knowledge and experience in blockchain, and Ellis’ badass artwork, this team was bound to make fireworks.

Wren Ellis knows art, but he admits he had some things to learn about the culture, specifically PFPs (profile pics), a staple of the NFT universe.  He told me “In all honesty, I didn’t know a ton, at the time, about PFPs, so it allowed me to create without a lot of pressure and influence.”

Now that he’s been in the space for a while, he’s “learning much more about this cNFT world, it’s been a blast to incorporate all of that knowledge into our current dealings.”  It’s that willingness to listen and learn that makes Wren Ellis such a great artist. He’s never static, and always pushing boundaries with each piece and collection.

The Musik Room

The team’s next project is a fitting mixture of visual and audio art.  The Musik room will give holders a chance to make their music with the upcoming project.  This is a release that I think will establish Wren Ellis as a powerhouse in the NFT fine art realm.

Ellis, with The Musik Room, recognizes the release is a culmination of his experience in the visual and musical arts. “Musik Room will be tapping into both of my skill sets (music and visual media) – which is a rare and rewarding opportunity for an artist.”

Over Exposed Is An A+ Team From Top To Bottom

Even though the artwork speaks for itself, Over Exposed is a well-oiled machine, and Ellis gives credit to the people surrounding him. When I talked about all the events their Twitter and Discord held, he doted on his team.

He said, “I work closely with our wonderful community manager, Alyssa, to bring our events to life.” Their work and organization allow Ellis to spend his time doing what he loves.  Making art for people.”

Wren said ” It’s always a pleasure when I get to make prizes for our events. It’s fun knowing what I am making is going to be going to someone in the very near future.”

Wren Ellis On Over Exposed And The Future Of NFTs

One of the last questions I asked Ellis was about what he thought of NFTs.  He said, “to me, for the longest time NFTs were just art. I think being educated on how deep this world is, was incredibly surprising and inspiring.”  He noted that his experiences at CNFTcon and Rare Bloom only reinforced those feelings.  About NFTs, Wren told me, “This whole [NFT] world is a bug. One that I have caught, and am trying to share with other people (not in this world) at every turn I take.”

For Wren Ellis, Non-fungible tokens have given him a whole new fan base that enjoys his art.  And He’s very grateful.

“Until cNFT, I fully accepted that I would never become an artist whose art would reach further than the circle I was used to. I made excuses as to “why” – but all of them proved to be incorrect and just fueled by self-doubt.”. Ellis said ” I’m here not due to famous parents or “buying my way in,” just plain and simple hard work and believing that what I make means something.”

In The End, It’s Still About The Art

When I asked him what he wanted to make sure people understood about himself and the project, he told me this: “My goal is to put a stamp on this world that lives past my mortal life – and cNFT – and the powerful blockchain community that makes it – is one hell of a strong conduit to making that happen.”

There’s no denying the phenomenal talent of Wren Ellis. With the team he’s built at Over Exposed, it’s hard to see anything but success in the future. No doubt, Ellis will continue to make beautiful art, and people who really love art will continue to enjoy it.

At some point, I will likely have prints of my best NFTs hung on the wall in my office. My Mekanism, however, won’t be one of them. No, my Mek (and my wife) will demand a much more prominent location, somewhere it can be seen by all. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with great artwork?



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