Yummi CookieYummi Universe has been steadily building a top-notch project since April of 2021 when they first minted their Yummies.  Their community is staggering.  They’ve managed to earn over 35k followers on Twitter. They get great interaction on all their social media.  That, of course, is no surprise.  After all, Yummi Universe is an OG CNFT project that’s managed to stay relevant even in a crazy market.

While newer projects get a lot of influencer attention, the team at Yummi Universe has been working hard to bring their community utility and spread brand awareness.  Just look at some of the goals they’ve already accomplished:

  • Holders have been staking their Yummies for almost 2 months for $YUMMI Tokens, the project’s utility token.
  • You can stake your $ADA on the Yummi Stake Pool to earn both $ADA and $YUMMI Rewards
  • Yummi Universe merch is available on their website
  • They are developing a Play To Earn game that is a “mix between Pokémon, Slay the Spire, and Hearthstone centered around different NFT cards.”
  • You can get $YUMMI tokens on DripDropz
  • Swapping and providing liquidity for $YUMMI/$ADA pairs is available on Sundae Swap and you can farm for $Yummi and $MIN on Minswap

This is a lot, even for a project that’s over a year post-mint. And if you read their litepaper,

Beyond Utility

There have been new CNFT projects that have come and gone and all the while Yummi Universe has been just chugging along. They’ve honored promise after promise to their holders.

Yummi Universe

This promises kept mentality has earned them an undying loyalty among their holders. It’s no wonder there are less than 2% of both the Yummi Universe and Yummi Universe: Naru Seasons NFT tokens for sale on the market right now. This is the kind of community you want to build and the kind of bunch you want to be a part of.  That’s not as common as you’d think.

Yummi Universe has already performed better than 99% of other NFT projects, and I see no reason to think it will slow down despite the bear market.  This is a team that is absolutely dedicated to their project They are supported by a holder base that believes in the vision, and is there to support it.  Really, that’s all you can really ask for in a CNFT Project.

The next year or so may be tough for crypto, including CNFTs. Most will probably die. Only those projects that work constantly in improving their position will flourish. Who knows what the ecosystem is going to be like in 3 years when the market could be at all-time highs. But if this group keeps doing what they’re doing, I think there’s a great chance we’ll still be talking about Yummi Universe.